6 Egregiously Insane Things Public Schools Have Done Lately (WTF Is Going On?)

One of the biggest nightmares of having kids for me is thinking about sending them to school. It seems like an institution for people who are on weird power trips/people who let parents with no lives intimidate them. Plus like, they are geared towards helping kids pass tests, not teaching them how to think. It’s all content and no form. It kind of seems like an unsalvageable mess. Here’s a few recent examples of why.

A boy died because the school wouldn’t let him have his (prescribed) inhaler

In order to have a “Zero Tolerance Policy” (a historically crowd pleasing but ineffective strategy) on drugs, Ontario schools have banned students from being able to carry their own medicine.

12-year-old Ryan Gibbons was prescribed an emergency inhaler for his asthma. The purpose of an emergency medication is to carry it with you in case you need it. Sure enough, after running around at recess last October Ryan had an asthma attack and needed his inhaler. He died because he couldn’t make it to the principals office (where his inhaler was kept) in time.

A school accused a 6-year-old of sexual harassment

While reading in class with his classmate (they were “boyfriend girlfriend”), 6-year-old Hunter Yelton leaned over and kissed her hand. He was sent to the principal’s office and suspended–not because the girl was unhappy (by all available accounts, she was happy), but because the school didn’t like it. Now that ‘sexual harassment’ is a word on Hunter’s permanent record, he’s asked, “Mommy, what’s sex?”

A school bans a Spanish-speaking student from speaking Spanish

Principal of Hempstead Middle School in Texas, Amy Lacey, got on the PA system and told all the students at her school they were no longer “allowed” to speak Spanish. About half the students at her school were Hispanic, many speaking Spanish as their first language. Cool.

A dad was ARRESTED for not picking his kid up from school ‘correctly’

The father of a student in a Tennessee Elementary school was arrested for calmly trying to pick his child up from school. Here’s the video of the event:


School ‘supplemented’ student’s homemade lunch with Ritz Crackers, fined mother

A mom packed lunch for her two kids that contained meat, vegetables, potatoes milk and and orange. The school thought it wasn’t nutritious enough (it was “missing a grain”) so they gave the kids Ritz crackers and fined the mom $10 for it.

1. Potatoes are a starch. You don’t need an additional grain. Read a book.

2. You guys, seriously get a life.

A 13-year-old boy was suspended for wearing a purse

If anyone knows why we pay taxes to schools so that they can be the fashion police, please let me know.

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