10 Reasons Youngest Siblings Make The Best Adults


1. They’re not dramatic

Setting up other people to get in trouble and then sitting back and enjoying the drama play out is way more fun than actually participating yourself.

2. They know how to have perspective in bad situations

They’ve seen older siblings strike out or get in trouble a million times, and the fall out never lasts forever. Youngest siblings don’t make mountains out of molehills.

3. They don’t care about being the center of attention

The reality of being the youngest is that your parents were busy, they had other kids to deal with and were over the helicopter, safety-first parenting style most people adopt with their first kid. Wandering off and doing their own thing is a skill that helps a lot in adulthood, when you don’t have to have someone hand-hold you when you learn a new skill.

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4. They’re laid back

Youngest kids didn’t get the best of everything, they had to sit in the back of the car and get the last turn playing with a new toy. Big deal. Now they’re more equipped to shrug it off when something like the restaurant losing a reservation happens.

5. They know how to save money by buying used products

They’ve long gotten over wearing hand-me-downs, so saving money buy getting stuff on Craigslist and Ebay is a natural extension into adulthood.

6. They’re patient

They had to wait years to drive and go to prom, and all the other things they had to watch someone else do first. Now they know that anticipation is half the fun.

7. They don’t have giant egos

There are certain people in the world that will always think of them as a baby or their kid sister/brother. They can be a CEO, but they’ll still be “shrimp” to their family.

8. They bite off more than they can chew

Whether it’s sneaking their older sister’s WAY age-inappropriate issues of Cosmo into their room, or riding a bike at a really young age just so they could hang out with their big brother, they motivate themselves and push, rather than waiting around to feel “ready.”

9. They’re observant

They’ve had years of practice doing things they’ve never even experienced themselves because they were watching their siblings grow up. Being the youngest, they also got to ask as many questions as they wanted to, they weren’t expected to have everything figured out–they were expected to be learners.

10. They’re good with people

Youngest children aren’t awkward, they’ve always had other people around them to play with and relate to. They know how to work their parents and what each of their older siblings weaknesses are. By the time youngest kids get to adulthood, they’re masters at reading people. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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