Is Anyone Else Legitimately Sad That Courtney Stodden And Doug Hutchison Broke Up?

Court and Doug are dunzo, I guess. I’m sad.

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This is a pretty unique opinion, I assume, because I think most people are probably masturbating in self-righteousness right now because for a second a slutty-seeming “dumb” girl wasn’t getting the media takedown she “deserves.” People love a girl that seems stupid more than anything, because being snarky about her is the easiest thing in the world. But I don’t relate to the snarky people, I relate to Courtney who I believe is genuine in her vulnerableness. So, I’m sad that a sad thing is happening in her life.

I’ve long believed that anger is an emotion that only does the opposite of what you want it to– it hurts yourself and doesn’t affect the object of your anger whatsoever. This was recently made apparent to me for the 1,000th time when my friend’s ex got his dream job. I was trying to complain to her (because he doesn’t deserve it! he’s a bad person!) and she was like, how does it benefit me if his life sucks? I literally gain nothing from it, so I don’t care.

It’s hard to remember this–that hoping for a celebrity marriage to fail is like drinking poison and expecting the celebrity to get sick. It doesn’t work that way. Your icky thoughts bring down your own vibes, but they don’t affect the people you are thinking about.

So, I guess, I’m predicting this massive media/social media kind of “ha ha/I told you so” reaction to the failure of Courtney and Doug’s marriage and I think that reaction says more about the observer than the observed. Were they destined to fail because of the age gap or the publicity or the fact that Courtney presents as a stereotypical blonde bimbo? Who cares? To my knowledge she’s one of the few celebrities that doesn’t publicly trash people. She dares to be unapologetically sexy, and that’s something we as a society feel the need to punish. This is the only reason it’s a big deal.

My condolences to the couple. I hope we all can be so lucky in our lives that we meet someone it’s worth (though even more hopefully not necessary) risking our reputations over. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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