50 Grisly, True Stories That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

50 Grisly, True Stories That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

19. The white SUV


When I was young, I’d say 8-11ish, my sister whom is 7 years older would babysit me when my parents were out. At the time, she smoked a lot and my parents made her smoke outside of course. So, I’d follow her outside into the carport (which faced the street) and play around, annoy her and such.

One day my sister notices a car at the end of the driveway, just sitting in the road. It’s a white suv (I believe a mid 90s bravada? bravado, not sure) with a bike rack on top. It has the most tinted windows I have ever seen, you could NOT see inside from the side. It sat there until she went inside, then would drive to the end of the road and sit at the church parking lot and wait. Wait until she’d come out again for another smoke. And it would repeat this.

Odd, but my sister is a brave lady and just kind of ignored it. That is, until the next day while my parents were out again and it showed up again. It would sit at the end of the driveway. And just… watch? I don’t know what the driver was doing. But he was watching my sister (if I didn’t go out, I’d watch from the front window and it would just sit there and watch my sister).

She told my father, who was a Sherrif deputy at the time and he called the cops made a complaint. They showed up, looked around but the SUV was nowhere to be seen. Months went by, and nothing. Then one day, a good nine months after this had all started and 4ish since the last sighting, it was back. It became a regular occurrence.

Another day, my sister was outside doing her nasty habit, and sure enough here it comes. This time we were alone as usual, and she decides she’s had enough. She tells me to stay in the carport, and she’s going to go confront them.

She starts walking toward the SUV. and halfway down the driveway she would later remark to us “I felt utter terror, like I knew if I went any further, I was dead. I was paralyzed by pure fear”. She turned around and went inside.

Finally, the family car was in the shop for some kind of issue so we were all stuck home for a night and had to get delivery, etc. while my parents are home, my sister goes outside to smoke. I go outside with her, and eventually the SUV shows up. She tells me to run inside and tell my father, and I do.

My dad promptly gets his gun and starts briskly walking down the drive way with it inhand, in the direction of the SUV, but not levelled towards it. The SUV floored it, down the road and peeled out onto the nearby large highway. My dad, being a cop, noted the year and model and distinguishing features. The scariest thing? The license plate had been covered in duct tape.

We never saw it again

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