50 Craigslist Meet Ups You’re Really Glad You Weren’t A Part Of



I was selling a lot of stuff preparing to move across the country to California. Up for sale: blue wii, controllers, and super smash – $70

So I’m waiting for the guy in a mall parking lot and I see a guy walking towards my car… from far off. As in he didn’t drive there. Baggy clothes, flat bill cap, tattoos… real gangster looking fellow. Great, he’s gonna try to talk me down, I thought.

He looks the console over, asks me why I’m selling it so I tell him I’m moving. Turns out he’s a SoCal native and he’s getting all excited, telling me all these stories and places I need to go. He reaches into his pocket and it turns out he only has 2 $50 bills. He asks if I have change and I said no. (I never carry cash on me) So he just says “ah well, here’s to help you out a little bit. You’re going to love it out there.” I ask him if he’s sure and it wasn’t a problem to get change. He told me not to worry about it and to just have fun. We shook hands and he was on his way.



Worst thing that happened to me was a guy selling a Nikon DSLR. He had it listed for a great price, said he already had a better Canon. Anyway we agree on everything and the next day I’m driving the hour and 20 minutes one way to buy it. I text when I leave and he confirms. I text halfway everythings good. About 10 minutes before arriving he texts back that he is really sorry but decided to keep it. I was pissed. I think he re-thought his price and listed it again for 50.00 more. He was such a fucker. I texted him that it was really wrong to do that to me and I hoped in the future he is a better person.



First, I did about 15 deals on Craigslist in the past 3 months. I will tell you that 14 out of 15 of them had attempted fraud emails and text messages. Be careful out there.

So I was selling some stuff out of my garage and I’ve got my laptop and cell phone out and these guys pull up in their beater car to buy some of my audio gear.

He gives me the cash and then asks me if I can give him a ‘bag’. (I’m selling him a USB Audio Keyboard.. bag? Just put it in the car). So I tell him no, I don’t have a bag. ‘Can you go get one inside?’. Nope.

So his friend says ‘Oh I have a bag in the car’. Walks to the car and comes back up my driveway with a duffel bag in his hand and then his hand inside the bag the entire way up the driveway.

I actually had a gun in my pocket just in case, so I put my hand in my pocket and they kind of walked off.

The keyboard didn’t fit in that bag either, so I’m pretty confident shit was about to go down. Will never know for sure.



I was selling some car audio equipment a couple years ago. i wasn’t in any rush to get rid of it so I overpriced it to see if some dumb teenager would bite. I received a call one day from some guy who was offering a trade for a flat screen LCD TV. this was back in the day when these were still pricey. We agreed to meet up in my neighborhood, a couple hours passed and nothing, i called him back and he said he got in an argument with his wife and wasn’t able to make it. I was getting a steal of a deal so i agreed to come to him. I met him at his house and we agree to the trade. he proceeds to walk into his living room disconnect the tv and give it to me. This all happened as his wife was watching a movie on the very tv this man just traded me. I took off as fast as possible before chaos broke out.



I bought a bike from a man in a grocery store parking lot. His flacid penis was sticking out of his zipper for the entire duration of the transaction.



I posted an ad selling my beats headphones. A potential buyer called me and offered to buy the headphones, even though they sounded 13 years old at the most. We agreed on a time to meet on the east side of town. He calls me several times while I’m on the way to remind me to call when I’m turning on to his street. I pull up to the address he sent me and there’s two kids standing in the driveway. I park on the street, noticing a for sale sign in the front yard of the house. I go greet the kids, hand over the headphones for inspection, and one of the kids pulls a gun from behind his back and shoves it into my chest, saying “just get the f**k outta here man” over and over. I get back in my car, and the first kid comes over to my door and punches me in the face through the window and spits on me. By the time the little bastard is done hitting me his partner is already running through the backyard of the house we met at. His chubby little partner goes to follow him and walks in front of my car. I immediately start the car and floor it, ramming the little bastard and knocking him into the fence off the sidewalk. Once I slam him into the chainlink fence I swerve back off the curb and speed down the street. I call the police 2 minutes later, they get caught later that night after assaulting someone with brass knuckles after meeting them off craigslist to buy a laptop.

I got a letter in the mail a few months ago saying that they both got 15 years in adult prison.

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