50 Craigslist Meet Ups You’re Really Glad You Weren’t A Part Of



Bought a nice longboard a few years back and quickly realized I wasn’t interested. Promptly posted the board on craigslist and some guy e-mailed me offering more than I had it posted for (actually only $20 less than the new price – this was a $300 longboard).

It felt fishy but regardless I talked to him for a bit and tried looking him up online. I found what I assumed was his Facebook page, and all that showed up to me was that he was interested in “iceskating, ballet, and Golden Girls.” Okay…weird.

Anyways, we arranged to meet up at Culvers about 10 minutes from my house. He claimed to live about 2 hours away, so I was shocked that this guy would drive so far to me to pay practically new price for a used item. It seemed worth the risk though because I figured nothing bad could happen if I met him at a busy Culvers so close to my house. Worse comes to worse, he doesn’t show up, I lose half an hour of my time.

So, I get there, and call him for the first time. Not that it’s really an issue, but the guy has an incredibly flamboyant voice, and he tells me that he’s sitting inside in the big booth in the corner. At this point it was also pouring rain, so I’m going to look like a weirdo walking into a Culvers during a thunderstorm carrying a longboard, but whatever.
I get in, and see the creepiest looking guy sitting the big booth in the corner. I’m talking trench raincoat, fedora, long, greasy blonde hair, and dad jeans. I approach him and his face goes from zoning out on the seat across from him to beaming up straight at me.

I say hey and show him the board. He sets it across the table and spins one of the wheels, and the only thing he says is “cool!” He takes out $280 and hands it to me.
Then, as I’m about to leave, he offers to buy me some food. I figure what’s the worst that can happen, so I oblige. I tell him I’m not picky and let him order for me. He goes up to the register and comes back and says “I got you a root beer.” He didn’t order either of us food, but got me and only me a root beer.

Okay….He sets it on the table and I notice him slip something in it. I said I forgot I had somewhere to be and I quickly got up and left. He lost his temper and started shouting after me as I rushed out to my car in the rain. He didn’t contact me after that, but I’m pretty sure that potentially could have gotten really weird if I was an idiot.

TLDR: Met a guy from Craigslist at Culvers. He was wearing a trench coat and a fedora. He bought my used longboard for the price it cost me new. He tried to drug me by offering me a root beer.



Went to Craigslist looking for a rideshare from New York to Western Mass, and a guy responded saying he was leaving in a week. Perfect.

He gave me his number, and I found out he was leaving from City Island (far away) at 7 in the morning (very early). I told him I would think about it, and that he could call me back if he decided to leave later in the morning.

He called me back later, though his number came up restricted. 8 AM: still too early for me. I politely declined and ended up getting a different ride and didn’t think about it for a few weeks.

Fast forward to my being back in Western Mass. Sleeping there next to a male friend of mine when early early in the morning I get a ring from a restricted number. I answer it, still half asleep, and I ask who it is.

“You know who it is,” he replied, giggling. Still not completely awake, I mistake the voice for another friend of mine, and carry on a very groggy conversation with who I thought was this friend. “What are you doing? Who are you with?,” etc.

Until he asked me what I was wearing. That kind of snapped me into awakening. I demanded to know with whom I was speaking, and he gave me the little “you know who this is” spiel again. Freaked out, I hung up and quickly woke up the guy I was next to. I suspected it might be this guy, and I still had his number from when I originally posted the ad. I used my man’s phone to call him, and yes, it was him.

Creepy. I googled the guy’s number shortly after that and he had posted it to numerous sketchy forums, offering to ferry escorts to and from their quarries in exchange for free “services.” I stopped using CL Rideshare after that.

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