50 Craigslist Meet Ups You’re Really Glad You Weren’t A Part Of



I bought a 360 from a craigslist ad. The kid selling it was like 17. We met at a public location (Starbucks) at my request. I handed him the money, he handed me the 360. Then he asked me if he could buy me a coffee. I declined. He asked me if I wanted to go out sometime. I declined, thanked him for the Xbox, and left.

Well, unfortunately, he had my phone number and email address, as I had responded to his ad. He started sending me these long, angst filled teenage emails about how he was “in love” with me, and I was his destiny, and texting me dozens of times a day…



Alright, I got a prime story, that made me learn a lot about using craigslist. First off, I grew up in a small rural town and then moved to southern california for college.

So, this is just after the new iphone had come out and I desperately wanted one, so I found an ad on craigslist for a guy selling his for about $50 cheaper than everyone else’s ads.

I give the guy a call and he tells me that his company has switched to using blackberries and he has no need for the iphone now, so I agree to go meetup with him, since he seemed to have a fairly straight story…or at least it sounded that way.

So given im not familiar with the LA area I drive up and get off on Crenshaw Blvd., on the NE side, drive up about a block from the 405 and take a left and park in front of this big, low income apartment complex, like where he says to meet, this is in the middle of the day right next to a busy street. Now they neighborhood wasn’t the best, but im a big dude (6’7″ 230) so I figure I’ll be alright.

I finally get a hold of the supposed “business” dude which turns out to be a little dude that dressed in baggy jean and a big white t shirt, along with another dude dressed the same.

Now while I was sitting in my truck waiting for this guy to show up I see a guy sitting over in a blue ford focus just staring at me grinning the entire time, which creeped me out and already made me feel uneasy about the situation, and once I saw the “business” guy I knew something wasn’t right and decided to get outta there as fast as possible, so I started to walk back to my truck telling him im gonna grab my cash for the iphone.

But when I get into my truck and try to put my keys into the ignition, the other little dude( both about 5’6″ 150 at most) jumps into my passenger side and sticks a gun in my waist, saying “no homie, you ain’t leavin’, gonna need everything you got” now, this was probably stupid on my part, but seeing how this kid was holding the gun all clumsily and it looked more like a metal airsoft gun as opposed to a real gun I decided to reach across open then door and shove him out. I did it so quickly he didn’t have time to react and was already outside my passenger door banging on the glass to let him back in.

I figured I was good to go now and could get the hell outta there, but oh no. So I’m assuming when the second guy got thrown out, I was so focused on him I didn’t realize the first guy went to go get about 5-6 of his much bigger buddies, which were now all at my drivers side window, which was over half way down. As I turned my head towards them, they all just started reaching into my window throwing punches trying to grab me and pull me out, after which seemed like forever of me trying to dodge punches and still trying to get my keys into the ignition to maybe get my truck goin to get outta this but no go.

After a few good hits they connected with to my head I started to see stars and get dazed and decided as a last ditch effort to throw the cash I had for the iphone all over the ground outside behind them, they immediately stopped attacking me and ran around picking up all the bills, which gave me the opportunity to get the hell outta there. I did go down a few blocks and realizing I couldnt even see straight I called the LA county sheriff which they came and thought I was part of some drug deal gone bad, but ended up these tweakers did the same thing to 8 other victims and stole their licenses saying if they went to the police they would kil their families. But its all good now, i was able t pick em outta those 6 pack line ups and all of them but the lil dude with the gun are in prison.

Fortunately also, they have to pay me back through their wages they make at prison.

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