16 Signs The Suburbs Are Not For You

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1. Your whole life you’ve always wanted to be “where the action is.”

2. You don’t strive to have opinions about your neighbors, lawn care or parenting techniques in general.

3. You value being mobile and being able to move over wanting to put down roots somewhere permanently.

4. You don’t think you want to have kids.

5. You prefer feeling as if the people around you are hustling and bustling on their way to work or social events versus soccer practice and church potlucks.

6. You love the challenge of parallel parking in a space that is approximately 8 inches larger than your vehicle.

7. You never understood the appeal of ‘Friday Night Lights.’

8. You hate gossip and are bored by talking about other people’s life decisions.

9. You’d rather be interested and interesting than relaxed and comfortable.

10. In your opinion, there’s only one reason to go to the suburbs, and that’s for the shorter lines at the DMV.

11. You think ‘PTA’ must have something to do with public transportation…

12. You love being surrounded by change and novelty–different cultures, food options, people from different backgrounds, etc.

13. You’d rather have a view than a lot of square footage.

14. You HATE driving.

15. You prefer unique restaurants to chains like Applebees.

16. You love the feeling of being anonymous in a group of people and walking around your city without really knowing anyone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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