Undercover Video Shows Off-Duty Cops Laughing And Bonding With Would-Be Rapist

Are drunk girls in bars rape bait?

Or, is the onus of responsibility on society to not view women as sex objects, and men not to have sex with someone who hasn’t consented, or is unable to consent?

In this undercover video, two actors posed as an innocent seeming drunk girl and a man she doesn’t know trying to take her to his hotel in the middle of the day. First in an endearing and heartbreaking moment an older gentleman stops the man from leaving with the “drunk” girl because she reminds him of his own daughters. He lives in fear of what he sees on the news of young women being raped and killed, and did what he perceived as his duty to make the world safer for girls like his own.

The TV crew switches it up and replaces the innocent looking actress with a sluttier seeming, “party girl” one. Should it make a difference? Nope, and the bystanders in the video don’t think so either. Again, in each case, the crowd steps in to stop the man from taking advantage of the female actor.

So who’s the exception to this rule? Two off duty cops. Not only do they not intervene, as everyone else has done, they seem supremely jealous that they aren’t able to participate. Great job, guys.


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