9 Reasons You Don’t Need To Get Out Of Bed Today

1. If you’re doing it right, you’re currently reading this off your phone wrapped loosely in a down comforter. All you need to do is turn your pillow over and press your cheek to the cold side in order to attain complete blissed out status. Raise each limb, one by one, and stretch it out before curling back into a ball and going back to sleep.

2. It’s so warm in your bed, and so cold in the rest of your house.

3. You basically owe it to the inventor of the laptop to snuggle into bed and watch Netflix instead of going to work at least once per quarter. Or else, why have a computer that moves so easily from your desk to your bed? You must appreciate the glory of this machine.

4. Your work doesn’t *really* need you. We all like to consider ourselves to be so important that the world cannot go on without us. But we see evidence to the contrary everyday. None of us can halt the river, it will always move forward. Capitalize on however bleak you feel this fact is by burrowing deeper into your pile of blankets.

5. There is nothing else you need. Hungry? You can order food from your phone. Thirsty? Same. A quick trip to the front door, and you’re back in business. Today the world comes to you.

6. Relaxation is good for the brain. Tomorrow you’ll have some perspective on your life and your work because of the distance you’ll create today. Win, Win.

7. Take a day off from your problems. You deserve it. No one needs to think about what they are doing with their lives or if their partner is right for them or their family drama every.single.day. You get to opt out every once in awhile and do something completely frivolous and self-centered.

8. Everything is better when you’re caught up on sleep.

9. When you get out of bed, bad things can happen to you. Nothing but pure goodness can happen while in bed. This makes your decision very easy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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