50 People On ‘The Scariest Place On Earth’

Reddit asked, where is the scariest place on earth? I’ve collected the most interesting answers below.

1. Underwater caves



Any place you are cave diving. My scariest fantasy is cave diving. Wearing tons of bulky scuba equipment, deep underground and then deep underwater-pitch black. The knowledge that if you aren’t paying attention and kick up silt even your light won’t help you see, and all you can do is wait for it to settle and hope you don’t get completely lost in the meantime. If you do get lost down there, then what the hell do you do? You can’t see the surface. Equipment failure? Run out of air? Good luck hooking up your pony bottle in a situation like that.

2. Jacob’s Well


Check out Jacob’s Well. It’s in the middle of the hill country in Texas. Apparently it is a tunnel opening that goes straight down for about 70ft, then levels off into a huge underwater tunnel system. From what I hear, a few years ago they found a body that had been down there since the 70’s, and since it’s so cold down there (the area is a natural spring) the body was supposedly pefrectly preserved.

In recent years they installed a underwater grate so you can’t go down further than 30 feet, but since they installed the grate, it has been found cut open with a blow torch and a sign left under water reading “You can’t keep us out!”… I’v gone swimming there before and it’s beautiful, but I haven’t built up the courage to dive down there. Nope.

3. Mount Everest death zone


The death zone at the top of Mount Everest where experienced mountaineers like Rob Hall die when they don’t turn around in time or get caught in a storm. I know he’s susceptible to the accusation that he played Russian roulette with his life once too often, but the satellite call to his pregnant wife while he waited to freeze to death was heartbreaking.

4. The killing fields


the killing fields and s-21 prison in Cambodia. So haunting. Human bones still sticking out of the dirt paths, a huge stupa full of human skulls with holes in them from where they were bludgeoned to death. And the prison is a former school turned into a torture chamber. There are rooms full of pictures of mugshots where people hold up numbers like criminals, but but they are just ordinary people: men, women, children, elderly. The looks on their faces will give you nightmares

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