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50 People On ‘The Most WTF Thing Someone Did While Hooking Up’

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Compiled from AskReddit.
Mislav Marohnić
Mislav Marohnić



Moments after I finished losing my virginity the girl said “Do you have any questions?”



I had a girl put the used condom in her “memory box.”



Had sex, the guy left money. I am not a prostitute.



Had a girl say “I assume everything down there was to your liking?”

I didn’t even know how to respond so I asked for a high-five.



One night I went out to a dance club with my friends and got incredibly drunk. Throughout the night I was putting the change leftover from buying drinks into my bra because I didn’t have a purse. I ended up going to my boyfriends place afterwards (who hadn’t been out with us) and being the terrible drunk I am I conned him into having sex. We were going at it pretty hard, he was laying down and I was on top of him and he finally had the mind to take my bra off. When he did, all the change from the night ($21 in coins..) burst out and rained all over his face. As he was confused and spluttering I just drunkenly continued while yelling, “JACKPOT!!!” and grabbing the cash and throwing in the air. I’m surprised that we’re still together.


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