100 Men Answer “What Is One Thing A Woman Should NEVER Do In Bed?”


James, 30

Ask “is it in yet?”

Craig, 29

If he comes too soon, you need to be patient. Don’t laugh or get frustrated.

Nick, 30

Don’t feel insecure about your body.

Kurt, 26

I only have two turnoffs: a girl that likes it too rough (when I didn’t want to slap a girl in the face she accused me of being gay) and when a girl wants to kiss me after oral–that freaks me out!

Daniel, 27

The one thing a woman should never to in bed is get in bed too soon. Once a guy gets sex out of you you’re no longer fun and they move on.

Larry, 41

If she’s not clean down there.

Craig, 27

Loose pussy

Swanson, 31

Stick anything in my ass without asking!

Matt, 29




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    “Surprise me with having a dick.” -Mike, 27
    Yeah, I know, right? Girls nowadays just don’t know how to tuck it in well enough..

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