The 15 Most Popular Thought Catalog Articles From Last Week

Hi friends, I’ll be curing your FOMO weekly by posting a list of the most popular (by clicks) posts from the previous week. Here are the most popular posts from Sept. 9-16.

51 Signs You’re From Ohio

Excerpt: 6. You know that “OHIO” is properly spelled with your arms.

This must be truly an Ohio thing because I have no idea what this is about.

The 15 Prettiest Things Girls Do

Excerpt: 4. When asked a question, they stop and furrow their foreheads and genuinely think about the answer– not because they’re confused, not because they don’t know what to say, but because they are really, honestly thinking something through before responding.

A fun, pretty list of little things that make me (and others) appreciate my gender.

10 Things Girls Do To Be Sexy Which Are Completely Unattractive

Excerpt: Not being able to walk in a pair of heels immediately takes away any element of sexiness they once possessed. There is absolutely nothing attractive about someone who is making herself suffer in the interest of looking a certain way. And if you can’t walk in heels, there are a million alternatives when it comes to attractive footwear that can look good with a ton of different outfits. Just please don’t do that crazy “I’m about to break my ankles walk.” It makes everyone scared and sad for you.

On the flip side, here’s the trying-too-hard things, explained.

11 Things Some Girls Still Don’t Understand

Excerpt: Nobody is impressed by how little you ate today. They want to give you a sandwich and explain to you the world of beauty standards because they feel bad for you.

A beautiful list of things every woman should be reminded of from time to time. I can tell myself these things as much as I want, but even at 28 it’s nice to hear it from an outside voice.

25 Things You Should Have By The Time You’re 25

Excerpt: 10. A satisfying sex life. (Needless to say, how you define “satisfying” is entirely up to you.)

The great thing about lists like this is it is a good tool to evaluate your life on a larger scale. For instance, some of the things I nodded along with, because I had similar values as the author. Other things, I realized were unimportant to me because of where I’d like to be at this life stage and how I think my life is different than my parents generation: #2, #4 (I take pride in how complicated mine are, it’s very American), #8 (I’d rather live in a city), #18, #19, #20 (eff modesty), #25 (feel this is just never going to happen for me).

50 Terrible, Quick Jokes That’ll Get You A Laugh On Demand

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 10.04.59 AM

I regularly cry laugh/asphyxiate to Christopher Hudspeth’s Twitter, so if you need a good belly laugh (or just a good eye roll) read this one.

Dear Twenty-Somethings: Here Are 5 Mistakes You Are Making Right Now

Excerpt: 3. You get wasted at networking events and instead of making real connections you become Facebook friends with some girl who is interning at an art gallery.

Always a good reminder that your 20s are there for you to actually do stuff.

The 41 Very Best Karen Walker One-Liners From Will & Grace


Will & Grace

Oh man, I miss her. She needs a spin-off. Immediately.

20 Types Of Instagram Photos That Won’t Help You Win Back Your Ex (And One That Might)

Excerpt: But passively-aggressively rehashing memories of your initial relationship or flooding your ex’s feed with visual evidence of everything s/he is missing out on? That’s never in style.

Addressing the irrational, but ubiquitous thought many women have that their relationship problems would be fixed if they were more beautiful.

27 Gross Things Everybody Does When No One Is Looking

Excerpt: 3. Biting off little pieces of your lip and swallow them.


16 Things To Start Doing For A Day That Ends As Well As It Starts

Excerpt: 1. Clean your living space every night. It personally helps me sleep better, but it’s also so much better to wake up in the morning and be able to focus on what needs your attention, not the clutter on your floor that you trip over while getting ready.

People who aren’t morning people: listen up. You’ll find at least some of these things to be enormously helpful.

18 Things You’ll Wish You Did 10 Years From Now

Excerpt: 6. Took the riskier job when it was more feasible to take major risks.

People tell me #6 constantly and while I balk at the idea of your life being “over” once you have kids, carpe diem is never a wasted reminder.

The 15 Most Attractive Things Boys Do

Excerpt: 15. When they hold a woman in high regard, and talk about her for reasons that have nothing to do with her physicality or appearance. Especially when the woman in question is Hillary.

Very sweet list. Will read again.

21 People On How You Know You’re In Love

Excerpt: Love is like pushing a button that says “get a cookie for pushing this button” and when you press it, shit comes out, press again, it’s still shit. You keep pressing it and every time, you get shit. But that one special time, you get a cookie, and it’s the best fucking cookie that you’ve ever had.

This is why we try.

45 Hilariously Ridiculous Gwyneth Paltrow Quotes That Will Make You Want To Punch Something

Excerpt: Everyone has their Celebrity Trainwreck Power Animal — their Lindsay Lohan or Courtney Love — but I root for Lohan and want her to get better. I never, ever want Gwyneth Paltrow to change. What would life be without her? Some people hate her and find her irritating, but that’s beside her point. Gwyneth Paltrow’s self-centeredness and lack of a filter give me life.

I totally relate to this. Sometimes the train-wreck isn’t hurting anyone (Gwyneth seems happy) so I just want to sit back and enjoy the guilt-free entertainment that is the Gwyneth Paltrow IRL Horror Show.


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