50 People On ‘The One Story That Gives Me The Chills To This Day’



Three guys drop acid. They hang out. The next day, their one friend is silent. He ignores them. No speaking. NONE. This goes on for a week. On day 7, the guy FREAKS out, runs out of the house screaming, and they don’t see him again for SIX months.

The guy finally shows up at the house one day six months later, knocks on the door, they let him in. They ask him, “WTF happened to you?”

Friend tells them that he thought he had killed them during the trip and they were HAUNTING him. He thought he had killed them.



when I was in preschool, my parents were out and my siblings and I had a babysitter. At some point during the night, we could hear a knocking on the door. As soon as we would look out through the peep-hole, the knocking would stop. It continued even when my parents got home. We never figured it out and the babysitter never came back.


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