50 People On ‘The One Story That Gives Me The Chills To This Day’



So when I was 13 (26now) my mom was dying of a form of liver cancer. We would talk for hours about what is heaven going to be like etc. I asked her what would be her last meal (stupid 13yr old talk) she told me lemon marrange (sp?) pie. The last few days she lost all will to eat or drink, and I was crushed because me and my dad brought her lemon marrange pie everyday. A day before she passed she told me, where even I end up that will be our code word. If it is possible I will tell someone that I want lemon marrange.

Fast forward to when I am 24, in Sea tac airport and this lady comes over and she explains that she is a medium, and she has no idea why but a lady wants a slice of the lemon marrange pie. I explain to her the story she validates some other things and continues moving on her way.



The story of David and Catherine Birnie, an Australian couple who were serial rapists and killers. The idea that a woman would help her husband rape other women bothers me a lot, and has stuck with me since hearing the story a long time ago. It makes it so much more disturbing to me.


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