50 People On ‘The One Story That Gives Me The Chills To This Day’



When i was around 17 I was out with a friend one Friday or Saturday night. Probably around midnight, I don’t remember exactly, I took him home and started my way back to my house. He only lived about 10 minutes from me, so it wasn’t a long drive.

I’m from a small town in southeast Massachusetts, and in the small town there was a scraggly looking middle aged woman who you would sometimes see walking around town. The rumor was that she was the town hooker. I don’t know if she actually was a hooker, but she sure looked the part.
Anyway, here I am driving home, and I see this lady thumbing for a ride on one of the back roads. I don’t know why, but at the time I decided it would be funny to pull over, wait for her to get to the car, then speed away. (I say I don’t know why I did this, because I was alone and this is more of something you would do with other friends present). Regardless, I pulled over and as she was almost at the car door, I see a big burly looking man running from the woods toward my car. I peeled out of there so fast. I have no idea what they were planning, but it was sure creepy at the time.



My mom and step-dads anniversary, after he killed himself with alcohol/vicodin overdose, she was sleeping on the couch and felt someone grab her head and kiss her on the forehead.


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