Here’s An App That Lets You Turn All The Annoying Wedding Pics On Your Newsfeed Into Cats Or Bacon

Something is happening with wedding photography. I could just be at the age where everyone is getting married so I am overloaded but it also seems like weddings are taking on a life of their own. Like, they are the seminal thing you do in your life to show people what your personality/style/place in life is. Which is weird because having a wedding is something everyone does, it’s not a unique accomplishment by any means.

So, like many childless, unmarried 20-somethings I am sick of these wedding pictures when I browse my news feeds. Great for my friends, but I have already reached my limit for this lifetime. It would be most helpful for my friends if I reserved my bandwidth for caring about their actual relationship with their significant other rather than questioning the merits of posing in a $1,500 single wear dress on a tractor. lets you turn wedding pictures into cute pictures of dogs or cats, something interesting like art or just gratuitous pictures of bacon.


So far, the app works on Chrome for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For people who are just fine with weddings but hate seeing religious rants, spoilers or baby photos pop up on their newsfeed–you can pretty much block whatever you want. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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