The 9 Best Things About Men

1. Their smell.

Especially if they are sweaty. What is that?

2. The way they can look so serious and composed when you are pleasuring them.

HOW do they do that? I feel that I can be composed during zero percent of sex stuff.

3. The way that every man is a kid at heart.

Get them a boat or a ball and it’s like they’ve never aged.

4. The martyr complex.

My dad loves to tell the story of the day I crashed my car and he had to drive an hour to come pick me up and help me figure out how to get a tow. It was a terrible inconvenience for him, but he loved every second of it. Men love to be inconvenienced in order to help someone else, it’s bizarre.

5. When you see them doing adult things.

I have this weird sense of wonder when I watch a little kid do an adult thing like bring their dishes to the sink, tie their shoes, etc. I feel the same way when I see a guy in his bachelor pad doing something like cleaning or making eggs while singing Ashlee Simpson. It’s very weird to see them being actual humans, existing without you.

6. When they’re courageous.

A lot of men are afraid of emotions and conflict with women. When a man calls me or comes over rather than running away or texting from a difficult situation, I feel nothing but respect.

7. So much body hair!

It’s exotic. I already have my own (unnaturally) hairless body to look at, it’s totally fun to see something completely different than your own body.

8. New perspectives.

As a woman, I feel hyper aware of how others are going to interpret what I do and say. It’s really nice to bring this up to a guy who was raised without the pleasing everyone all the time burden being placed on him and hearing back that I’m giving too much up.

9. How much they love my opinion.

When a guy brings me to his pad and shyly asks how I like the way he decorated it–it’s the best. The ability to be vulnerable and seek advice in something you don’t believe you’re good at (like decorating) is awesome. I think men are kind of trapped into putting on this air of omnipotence, so seeing a bit of vulnerability always feels like a treat. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image –Ellen Munro

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