This Is The “Gross” Attribute Men Have That Science Says Actually Makes Them More Attractive To Women

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Picture a guy with long, dark hair. If long hair isn’t your thing, what about a hairy chest or facial hair?

But whether or not you like hairy guys, it turns out that a lot of women prefer them, especially men with facial hair.

But why do hairy men attract more women?

1. They have higher levels of testosterone.

When men have higher levels of testosterone, they’re more likely to have a higher sex drive, live longer, are more confident and honest, and have more energy and optimism.

2. They’re intelligent.

Dr. Aikarakudy Alias, a psychiatrist who’s been working on the relationship between body hair and intelligence says that hairy chests are more likely to be found amongst doctors, as well as the highly educated, in the general population.

3. They’re healthier.

Hairy men are better able to detect parasites on their body. In a study by researcher Michael Siva-Jothy they found that hungry bugs placed on shaved arms were more likely to feed, compared with those on an unshaved arm, as the hair slows down the bug and alerts the victim. Females may perceive hair as a marker for parasite-free health.

Hairy guys can keep you warm at night, won’t judge you if you decide to grow your hair out, and are super masculine. Our primate ancestors certainly liked their men hairy. Maybe they were on to something. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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