7 Ways To Revitalize Your Passion For Life

Here are seven proactive life responses for the most common reasons why you might feel your passion for life slipping away.
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Undoubtedly, your hopes and dreams are different than they once were. Change is occurring at such speeds; you might not be sure of what to wish for except for a global group hug and a well-earned paycheck in everyone’s hands.

A new science is emerging linking happiness to our well-being. According to the World Happiness Report 2017, published by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), the United States ranks 14th in the world.

The difference between maintaining your zeal for life and heartbreaking disillusionment during turbulent times ultimately begins with you and where you are placing your focus.

What is the common thread of personal well-being, or even ever-elusive personal fulfillment?

Here are seven proactive life responses for the most common reasons why you might feel your passion for life slipping away.

1) Celebrate failure.

Feeling cynical or defeated, or that your hard work is not paying off? When there is a disappointment in life, seeing everything as an opportunity will keep you invigorated and challenged in a good way. The ability to adapt and learn is vital to living the good life. The path to success is shared with the path of failure. Don’t give up!

2) Make a living or live brilliantly?

Making a living becomes complicated when you wish to live like someone else. Materialism and title are fake substitutes for real affluence—the ability to inspire people. Make a list of what you admire and begin to make changes in your life to reflect your values.

3) Simplify, minimize, and let go of clutter.

The economy provides us with the sustenance of life, but when it becomes the goal, you work like a machine mortgaging your life, losing your passion for living. Investigate new markets that allow you greater life flexibility through stewardship rather than ownership.

4) Rediscover your inner child through exploration.

Innovation and automation have provided us with more free time than we’ve ever had. Instead of self-medicating your off-hours with TV, smart phones, information, and shopping, regain a sense of wonder by looking at every day as another opportunity to explore and learn about your world.

5) Be a beacon of light despite a chaotic world.

Living the good life is being peaceful even when those around you are stirring the pot. When others engage in negativity, don’t get sucked in. Consider ending support of violent media content. Become response-able for you and your corner of the world. Seek common ground with those you come into contact with by supporting needed change.

6) Reconnect with nature.

Do you ever walk your neighborhood and ask where all the people are? When was the last time you roamed a nature trail? Technology is nice, but it’s not nicer than a sense of community and all the wisdom and health benefits hidden in nature’s vastness. If you’ve forgotten this, stop what you’re doing right now. Come back in 30 minutes and report your findings.

7) Include service to others in your weekly schedule.

Self-love and self-care are certainly important, but keeping a healthy balance between ego and selflessness is the striking point of cultivating personal fulfillment. In a synergetic world, personal fulfillment and social responsibility are intimately connected. Try volunteering just two hours a month to discover what you would grumble about at minimum wage. It is a gift—the most exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling gift you could ever give—the gift of you!

Your passion for life can never be taken away from you—unless you take away your focus. Focus is the key to the mastery of life as an ongoing practice.

Once you let go of the non-essentials, you embrace life and finally begin to thrive!

When you put your heart into everything you do, your passion for life becomes voracious.

Merging mind, body, and spirit, you become joyful, the gratitude flowing just for being alive.

You are made for this. You can do it! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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