14 Signs You Love Your Dog More Than Most People


1. You’ll happily buy your dog an endless supply of raw, organic, gluten-free treats & expensive toys on a regular basis, but the thought of spending $5 to get into a bar on the weekends is a deal breaker.

2. When you go out to dinner with your friends you’re actively scouring everyone’s plates for leftovers to take home to your dog. Fido loves him some tuna tar tar.

3. If your friends get sick you tell them to suck it up. If your dog sneezes you have the emergency vet on speed dial.

4. Happiness is when your dog is most at peace.

5. You have a hard time remembering anniversaries & birthdays, but you know the exact day your dog accomplished his/her biggest milestones.

6. You feel guilty when you come home smelling like another dog & find yourself taking a shower at 3am and begging for their forgiveness.

7. It’s fine if your significant other is being pushed off the bed as long as your dog is comfortable.

8. If someone insults your dog they are dead to you.

9. Movies like The Notebook don’t even make you flinch, but Marley & Me is an all out tear fest while you hug your dog and cry.

10. You will stay in a horribly uncomfortable position with your legs going numb because your dog is in your lap and he/she is comfy. The same doesn’t go for people.

11. The thought of leaving the house seems bleak when you look into your dog’s eyes and realize he/she will be alone.

12. If you do decide to go out, the whole time you are thinking of ways to hurry home to your dog, after which you apologize profusely for ever leaving them in the first place.

13. You realize you accomplish most your socializing at the dog park. Often times with other dogs.

14. The bottled water in your fridge isn’t for your guests; it’s for your dog. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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