You’ve Held On Long Enough; It’s Time To Let Go

bailey foster
bailey foster

Wait for it.

The moment he comes back to you, like you hoped for so many times before. The difference? Now you feel nothing.

Where once before, one singular thought from his precious mind broke through the furthest depths of your heart, you now wait for the familiar feeling to come. The feeling of hope. The hope that this time would be different.

The thought that he finally woke up and decided to change. Change for you. Change for this love. Decided it was worth fighting for. Decided you were worth fighting for.

He feeds off that hope. He feeds off your vulnerability and knows one look, one thought, one touch, and you’re back. Back where he wants you. Until he decides to leave again.

He will keep doing this, until one day you realize something. This isn’t for you. This isn’t love. It never was.

This was lust. And passion. And hope. Above all, it was hope for something great. You held out because you had hope this one was different.

It hurts because you gave him a piece of you. And all you wanted in return was some small piece of him in return, but he never gave it to you. Don’t blame yourself, it was never your doing. He wasn’t going to give it you because he couldn’t give it to anyone.

He was the broken one, not you. Don’t let his broken pieces break you. So, wait. That moment will come when you feel nothing.

Then, eventually, with time, you’ll be thankful for him. He showed you the person you never want to be. So closed off to the world that he could miss the light right in front of him.

So wait, someone’s searching for your light in the midst of all the darkness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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