I Want A ‘When Harry Met Sally’ Kind Of Love

When Harry Met Sally
When Harry Met Sally

I want a When Harry Met Sally kind of love.

The type where we start off potentially disliking the other, only to radically alter our perceptions later on. The type of love that grows over time, like a campfire slowly building to its full fire. Steadily gaining a deeper connection each and every day, with the passing years.

See, I’m not looking for that passion and lust that sparks intrigue and hunger from the get-go, only to slowly fade off as we discover who the other truly is. While this love is downright outstanding in its own way, I’ve had this love before. Time and time again. And guess what? It doesn’t last.

The passion and obsession is always exciting in the beginning, until real life kicks in and there’s no substance in the relationship to fall back on. There’s no glue holding you two together when the going gets tough, and eventually everything between you two dissipates.

I want a friend, a companion, a partner in life.

Someone who is first and foremost my most trusted confidant-the one person I know I can run to for the big, important things, and also the silly notions that run through my mind on a daily basis. I’m known for rushing into things because of my excitement when I connect with someone, but I’ve learned the value of taking it slow and not having too many expectations right at the start.

It took a while for Harry and Sally to recognize what a perfect pair they were, but the thing I love the most is that they never expected anything to come about, even when they first started hanging out as friends. They maintained that open friendship without it having to mean something more. They grew to understand each other in a way others didn’t, and love all the little quirks about one another (Sally would definitely be the Starbucks alteration queen today).

The right person will grow and mold their way into your life seamlessly, without all the craze and drama that seems to arise in most relationships today.

They’ll be there for you like the best friend you never knew you needed. The right person may just be the one you’ve been overlooking this whole time, but for some reason keeps popping back into your life.

That’s what I’m looking for-my Harry. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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