Some Relationships Are Just Blips On The Radar (But They’re Still Beautiful)

Rainier Martin Ampongan
Rainier Martin Ampongan

Some of my most meaningful and impacting relationships have been the fleeting ones. The ones that are here in second and gone just as quickly.

Throughout my time traveling, I met some of the most amazing people. Creative, independent, inspiring, and free-spirited souls. I learned about myself just as much as I did about them during our brief run-ins. Seeing the unique ways they were throwing themselves into the world has inspired me to make my mark a little brighter.

Like the photographer I ended up taking the same taxi to the airport with in Europe. We had been staying in the same hostel and never met prior. But after the taxi ride found out we were not only on the same flight, but were sitting next to each other, too. A stranger that I ended up finding something to talk about to for over 9 hours. I’m not usually a very open person to people I don’t even know, but conversation flowed so freely and openly with him. We had so many commonalities. Someone who held the same sense of humor and love of the outdoors; a creative individual that continues to inspire me with his riveting photography.

Or there’s the pilot that’s rarely in one place for more than a couple of days. Now that’s a true free spirit. Eager to see every inch of the city we were in for merely a day-he taught me to take advantage of the moment. See and do everything you can, for who knows if and when you’ll be back to see these places again. Touring the city and walking until I thought my legs might fall off, only to keep the day rolling into night with a pub crawl, I realized this is what my youth is about.

Don’t think, just do. Make the memories that shape the stories of your life.

Or there’s my favorite Aussie that I spent all but a few days with. His acceptance of everything and everyone showed me how to open up my mind and lessen the judgments I hold. Extroverted, fun-spirited, and always seeing the bright side of things, he makes me look at the world a little more sweetly. Life is a ride to enjoy, and even when things go wrong for him, he never seems to stray from his optimism.

And I hope he never does.

There’s an endless array of other people I could talk about. The coworker who is just as fascinated with crystals, horoscopes, and horrible reality TV. The fellow underground passenger with the infectious laugh. The teacher from Egypt on a mission to change the world one student at a time. The Chris Hemsworth lookalike from London with a passion for music I’ve rarely ever seen.

Though in my life for a fleeting period of time, they made a lasting impression I’ll carry with me much longer.

That’s the thing about life, you never know when you’ll come across one of these people.

Keep your eyes open for the good ones, the blips on the radar of life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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