The Time To Come Together As A Nation Is Now

Frank McKenna
Frank McKenna

How ironic that the beauty of America is exactly what can be taken for granted – our rights and freedoms, yet our complacency as a nation to practice what men and women die for and that citizens from other nations wish for.

We are not a leading country because we have the luxury of drinking clean water and the ability to provide food on our tables. We are a leading country because of our diversity. Our willingness to progress. Our acceptance of other religions. Our open-minds that allow us to see the beauty of it all.

The problem is not that Donald Trump won the election, but that his message won. A message that stood against the issues that America has worked centuries to stop.

His demeaning comments about immigrants, disrespect towards women, and overall disregard for how his words would resonate with the population was either overlooked or supported.

Regardless, this isn’t an article about why Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election. It’s not about Donald Trump. It never was.

As one man, he did not enforce the traditional beliefs that represented his campaign. He did not persuade American citizens to support discrimination, racism, sexism, and hatred. He simply opened the door for those who already had these views and encouraged them to voice it.

As a nation, we should view the result of this election as a reality check of how powerful our voices are and appreciate America for providing the opportunity for our voices to be heard. The time to come together as a nation is now.

We are granted the rights to live in freedom and it’s our duty as citizens to protect and uphold these expectations. Take pride that you can sit in a classroom with people from all over the world. Smile when you walk down the street and see two people of the same gender holding hands. Appreciate that you can protest when you don’t agree with the government. Where there are people fueled with hatred and fear of change, there are also people who fight for change in order to develop. Rise above the negativity and be proactive.

Volunteer for a movement or cause you believe in. Find a way to become involved. Express yourself. Be informed and kind. Respect people who are different from you. Realize you aren’t the only one worried and find support in each other. Seek to understand and don’t be scared once you do. Have faith that we will practice the diversity, change, and freedom that embody our rights regardless of who is President.

It isn’t simply our laws that make America special, but the people who put value behind them. Citizens like us who are allowed to shape our own opinions, recognize our rights, and take action when we feel them being violated.

As Americans, our success stems from our ability to be open to change and to recognize opportunities to be better.

This election is one of them. We must take advantage of our role as American citizens, not because we’re expected to, but because the greatest country in the world gave us the right to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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