You Were Never Mine

Jen Palmer
Jen Palmer

The air settled as blankets of pink dusted the sky;
my head nestled in your chest,
seeking your hand, our eyes locked against the wave of emotions.
I smiled when you drew me closer,
our legs intertwined as our whispers mingled in the night.
Your body enveloped mine and you were everywhere;
surrounding my deepest hopes,
starving my greatest fears.
We were quiet, but my thoughts were loud.
The sound of your name,
the rhythm of your heart,
echoed into the crevices of my mind and I knew
you would bury me if I let you,
and I wanted you to because

You weren’t mine,
But this moment was ours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Christina is a 20-something enjoying her selfish years writing in coffee shops and staring at city skylines.

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