Please Don’t Forget To Tell Me You’re Proud

One single sentence motivates me to work harder than ever before: “I’m proud of you.”

It’s amazing how such a simple arrangement of words could have so much power. Without hearing it, your actions and achievements may not lost in abyss with thousands of others that seem comparable to you. But with it, you’re unstoppable, you’re incredible, and you’ve achieved.

I come from a background of hard work. I’ve always felt the need to push myself to my absolute limit, and try my best to attain goals that I’ve sought out for years. For me, part of the inspiration that goes into working hard for my dreams is when I’m told that someone is proud of me.

Unfortunately, I believe we’ve created a society where kids are expected to be stars in so many different realms, and we forget to celebrate their accomplishments. Kids have to be star athletes, achieve A+ grades in all subjects, and be skilled creatively. These days, it’s expected of them; further, it’s expected without acknowledgement.

Although there’s a point where you don’t need to notice every thing someone achieves, it is important to reach out and let someone who’s important to you know that you’ve noticed their accomplishments.

Dear parents, family, friends, significant others, and even bosses, please don’t forget to tell others that you’re proud of them.

When you point out someone in a positive light, I promise you it’ll motivate them to work even harder.

Don’t forget that everyone has something unique about them–something that they’re good at. People can’t be perfect at everything, but they can excel at at least one thing. We should make sure we acknowledge that.

By acknowledging someone for their talents, they’ll find a new-found inspiration and light in something they enjoy, and they’ll have the confidence to move forward and excel because they’ve heard from someone else that they’ve done a good job with something.

Be supportive to people in their every day lives, education and careers. Let them know they’ve done well, and help them push past boundaries that they may have never considered.

It’s as simple as saying you’re proud. Honestly, who knew this phrase could hold so much power? But truthfully, it does. It has the power to support and guide people you care about to be their best selves.

It’s just a powerful sentence that many people forget to use. Don’t forget it.

Please, don’t forget to tell me you’re proud of me.

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