Together Someday, In Another Time, In Another Space

image - Flickr / WisconsinKow
image – Flickr / WisconsinKow

Look at all the stars that are out tonight. Those fires from a million years ago still burn for you. Countless cosmic collisions have lead us up to this point in time and in space. The collection of our decisions strung together from moments of the past has finally brought us here together tonight.

With no direction, I ran full speed ahead and landed right into your arms. As I recount the events that lead up to the point where our paths intersected, I realized it was no coincidence. All the decades aligned and we were standing on this plane of reality.

On this playground of existence, we unearthed the experiences and elements that our lives were built upon. It wasn’t conclusive, but we agreed that our lives were really two halves of a whole. We lived parallel lives. Our stories reveal too many situations where we almost met each other. It seemed a lifetime of almosts stretched out before us. Tonight, our luck would spin and we could finally create the chance that would ring truth and reality.

As you stared down into my eyes, I could read the racing thoughts through your mind. Our mental connection enabled us to synchronize the movements of our bodies. And so, we danced to the reverberating beat of your heart, “Ba-bump, ba bump, ba bump”. There was no doubt in my mind this is where we belonged.

I couldn’t comprehend as I watched this unfold. A solar flare erupted, and it made my stomach turn. You moved forward fearlessly, and I wasn’t shy to express my interests. We didn’t stay and act in the safe place we knew. No one could foresee how pivotal our choices were in that moment. We were looking chaos theory dead in the eye and we couldn’t stop it.

Parallel lives are no different to parallel lines. They can never run perpendicular to each other. It violates the fundamental properties of geometry. Like the lines that extend towards the horizon, we will always be the same distance apart and never touching.

As pragmatic and nonchalant this choice has forced me to become, you lived rent free in my head while I only had a fugacious claim to your heart. The trajectory of our paths has now returned to the direction of a lifetime of almosts. Admittedly, I abscond this reality, and I find myself walking down memory lane because I like running into you there. Maybe in this distant plane of reality we will always be involved in each other’s forever.

Between you and I, I’ve imagined that our horizons still clutch at lightening speeds in spite of the 23 light year distance. Even now, I long for you to call me if our paths may collide again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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