4 Reasons Not To Wait For Sex While Dating


The younger you are, the more likely you’ll date casually — you figure that you aren’t looking to be married soon or have any kids, so what’s the rush? As you get older, that fun, dating, hooking up, friends with benefits spill doesn’t look as appealing anymore. You’re ready to start seriously dating, which means, you’re more specific on the type of men you even allow in your company, let alone taking you on a date. You begin to search for a life partner, you realize that while you aren’t old, you are not getting any younger — and, scarily enough, marriage and kids seem within your reach in the near future.

SO, let’s regroup and talk about sex! I might get some backlash for this but so what, I am a free-spirited, open minded woman who has no problem speaking my mind. Why wait for sex? Is it because society has made women feel inferior to our male counterparts who go around freely serving their man meat on a platter with no shame? We can at least all agree that sex is a very important part of any romantic relationship, right? Here’s why you shouldn’t make your date wait forever for sex:

1. He’ll move on

You like this guy, you are really hitting it off. You’ve already kissed (boring, PG) but it hasn’t led to anything because you’re thinking he may feel differently about you if you give it up too soon. At this stage in the game, no man is going to wait months for what you have and date you exclusively. You are not in high school. I know many women will disagree, and talk about value and self-worth, blah, blah, blah! If you knew your value and was confident, you wouldn’t be so worried about what he thinks of you! That’s something only a confident woman would understand.

2. You’ll move on

Sex is a need. If you’re not feeling a guy enough to want to sleep with him than you’ll move on to someone who brings that passion and energy out of you. Attraction is so powerful! The very thought of being with someone who you’re so attracted to will make you want to get undressed. The fact that you’re not sure if you want to sleep with him very clearly signals that you’re just not that into him. NEXT!

3. You are the QUEEN:

We hold the power! Stop worrying about how he may feel about you after sex, he should be worried how you’ll feel about him afterwards. If you are a confident woman who has not been around the block, is smart, has class, independent, then what are you worried about? You are having sex because you WANT to. The number of men you’ve slept with does not give you a title, but the way you handle yourself does. However, you SHOULD be selective. Not every man you date deserves what you have; but if you are feeling him, what’s the problem?

4. You want to know what its like early on

Listen, no need to waste much time. You want to know what he’s working with up front. No need to wait for months just to find out he is lacking, or has no idea what he’s doing. If he doesn’t know what he’s doing by now, do not feel inclined to assist him with the basics. Cut to the chase. Life is too short to wait around for bad sex. Nobody has time for that, NEXT!

LAST WORD: If you both aren’t seriously dating and this is casual, there is a risk involved. Feelings can easily be hurt, which of course is the reason why women often choose to wait. I always encourage people to get all intentions out in the open right at the beginning. That leaves room for little confusion later. If the both of you are on the same page, then go for it! And have fun!!! Just make sure to USE PROTECTION! People are so serious nowadays, just let go and have a blast, that will take the relationship a lot further if you two can enjoy yourselves together! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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