This Is The Bittersweet Truth About Healing A Broken Heart

John Canelis
John Canelis

Here’s the thing about healing- it doesn’t happen all at once. You don’t wake up one morning completely free of the pain you have been through. You don’t hit a moment of clarity where you realize you are completely over that person and they were wrong for you all along. Instead, it happens gradually. The healing heals bits and pieces at a time, continuing to leave raw emotions and aching pains that come when you least expect it.

Tomorrow may be a great day. You may wake up, feeling completely free of the person that broke you. It may be possible that you can make it through the entire day without feeling a bit of pain from the hurt that they caused you. You feel happy. You are able to be yourself again. You may even feel comfortable texting back that cute boy you met at the bar the previous evening.

But then the next day may be complete shit. You may battle the pain that lingers from losing this person with every corner you take. Every song you hear that day creates a gaping whole in your stomach. Every place you drive by is a nauseating reminder that you will never go there with that person again.

The worst part about the bad day is you really thought you were in a better place. You were sure that you had put the pain behind you and you were ready to move on. You were almost positive that you were ready to clean the drawer out of their things, throw everything away, and never look back.

But the part you don’t realize is, you are in a better place.

Every single day is getting you closer to completely healing that broken heart. Just because you still have a bad day every now and then, does not mean that you aren’t a million times better than you were a month ago.

Remember the days you couldn’t get out of bed in the morning without crying? Now you can make it through an entire day sometimes without even shedding a tear.

Remember the days your mind raced for hours before you fell asleep at night? Now there are some nights that you actually to go bed with a smile on your face.

Remember the times you couldn’t walk into a certain restaurant or bar without tearing up because that was the place that the two of you always went together? Now you can make it a good part of the night without even thinking about them.

Remember the times you’d hear a song on the radio and instantly start crying while forcing yourself to listen to it? Well now, you know better to just turn it off and change the channel.

Even though you are still having a bad day here and there, does not mean you aren’t in the process of fully healing. It by no means you aren’t in a good place. It simply just means that you are getting through the pain of what you have been through, one day at a time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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