8 Reasons To Celebrate Being An Alpha Female

The Alpha female: often misunderstood for being an intimidating, pretty-faced ‘rebel,’ but is really a strong-minded, natural born leader who dances to the beat of her own drum. Here’s why these women should be celebrated.
Paul Green
Paul Green

1. Alphas love to learn, lead, and work with others.
Alphas are the best. They know how to take control, take a step back, and take turns. The majority of alphas can work together amicably and have no reservations about apologizing when they happen to be at fault. And they respect everyone–alphas and non-alphas alike.

2. They don’t have time to be (or deal with) gossip girls.
Mainstream and pop media thrives on drama, rumors and gossip (eye roll). And because it’s basically impossible to avoid, it’s normal to be entertained by it. This is what separates alphas from others: they know they can’t reach their ultimate greatness by being wholly consumed and distracted by that petty drama, rumors, and girl-gossip. They’re above that.

3. It might look like alphas have issues with authority, but they really don’t.
Nope. Most alphas are leaders by nature, which makes them equally loved and hated by many. They love learning, and become great leaders by following other alphas, but they tend to have ‘no nonsense’ personalities with a zero tolerance for bullshit. This may cause them to have some conflict with others, but they aren’t bad or rule-breakers, just strong-minded.

4. Alphas are self-assured.
Alpha females know the difference between arrogance and self-confidence and are motivated by their inner spirit rather than outside validation and influence. They know their self-worth and find it uncomfortable settling for anything less than what they know they deserve.

5. Alphas are heroic.
They undoubtedly stand out from the crowd. And they often get into trouble for their revolutionary-fighter spirits; not only speaking up for themselves but others who are mistreated and abused–whether it be in career or personal settings–and encouraging those people to take a stand.

6. Alphas are individualists.
They love and prefer doing things their own way. While they may be inspired by others, they too live to inspire others with their talent and creativity. Whatever it is that they set out to do, you better believe that they will tweak it, adding bits of their own flair and individualism.

7. Alphas are highly intuitive.
Alphas realize that they cannot change others, nor wish to–instead they become the change they’re looking for. They believe that life is about experiences and mistakes are catalysts to growth–so they aren’t afraid to make them. Alpha women believe that fear holds them back from their greatest selves. For them, there is no failure–just experiences to gain wisdom from and to inspire others.

8. Alphas possess entrepreneurial spirits.
This, of course, falls under the umbrella of what true alphas embody: leadership. In the context of entrepreneurialism, alphas are strong-willed and goal-oriented, knowing exactly what they want and setting out to get it–often relentlessly–creating their own path, rules or lane to their own definition of success. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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