Why The Most Perfect Breakups Are Also The Most Final Ones

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We first met when I was in my teenage years. I was thirteen years old to be precise. I wasn’t a fan of love at first sight, but I was mesmerized when I pressed you touched my lips for the first time. I knew then and there, that this would be a forever lasting intimate relationship. I was in love with you. You took me to a complete state of pure ecstasy that I had never experienced before in my life. You made me so content when I was with you. I had to be with you at all cost. The thought of being without you, brought an immense amount of sorrow to me. Being that we were young and dumb, it was hard to see you as often as I wanted to. But I knew that one day, we will be reunited again. It would be a few years until we crossed paths again. If I knew then what I know now, I would have steered clear of you at all cost because you were my downfall.

Flash forwards to my freshman year in high school, we met again. We stumbled upon each other at a mutual friends gathering. Once I locked my eyes on you, I knew I had to be with you once again. Like a vulture eyeing its prey, I was eyeing you. I had to live in the trance state of love that we were once in. The warm fuzzy feeling you gave me was something I had to keep reliving. You brought out the best in me, and later only will I find out you also unleashed a beast inside of me that I didn’t know existed.

I would purposely go to parties where I knew you would be at. It was inevitable for you to be there. You were so popular, that it wouldn’t be a party if you weren’t there. Your scent is so unique. You were the life of the party, and overall you were quite promiscuous. Everybody had to have a share with you. It didn’t matter that you were being shared, all I knew was that I had to have my fair share of you.

Our intimate relationship continued throughout my high school days and also into my college days. You were so perfect in my eyes. Your touch was cold and a little wet at times. It was something that I grew to love and became fond of. After spending at least an hour with you, it was like a Ying Yang effect. You made me feel warm inside, yet you were so cold. I was so outgoing as an individual and sociable when I was with you. You turned me into a person who I didn’t know I even was. You became my true addiction; I had to have more of you.

Going into college, we would spend quality time with each other on various nights. Soon, that wasn’t enough. I wanted more of you. Your sensation made me feel like I was alive. We then progressed into seeing each other every night. I would even shamefully, bring you to work with me and we would spend time together there as well. We couldn’t be caught together during the time of day; it was like a Romeo and Juliet type of relationship. We snuck around together. You then began to tag along with me while I would be in class at the college, driving, or even in the mornings. People began to be worry about how much time I was spending with you.

You never judged me. When I was in a time of grieving, you were by my side. When I was celebrating, you were by my side. When I was at home watching a football game, you were by my side. You were always there for me.

I remember the day we had to break up like it was yesterday. The last day that we spent together was the day that I went to Los Angeles. September 16th, 2014, which is now my new birthday. I knew on my way down there, it would be the last time I was going to spend time with you for the better. I was going with you but coming back without you. As I took the last sip of you outside the rehabilitation treatment center, it was my final goodbye. Your cold, refreshing taste, now just a memory. I knew that I was going in a broken man, but was going to come out a stronger person. Our drunken love was over. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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