Love Is Like A Tattoo

I have never gotten a tattoo in my life. Been too scared. Too big of a commitment. Imagine having ink for the rest of your life that you can’t get rid of without having to pay a big amount. That sounds just like marriage and a big ass divorce fee.

My entire life, I’ve looked forward to being a husband and being a father, but I’ve never made any progress on it. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m pretty terrified of commitment. Even more, I’m even more scared of the wrong commitment. I just want to be better than my family, but you know what’s so tough? Being better than an already pretty solid family. I’ve been blessed to be around a pretty close family. Expectations have always been high, but how do you match up to that?

I blame my parents. They were great together, but they weren’t great together at first. They worked so hard at it, and they keep working on it. Are they doing it for us at this point? I don’t even know. Maybe. It doesn’t matter though. They still try hard enough to be with each other and keep each other crazy as often as possible. If you didn’t love each other, you wouldn’t be driving each other crazy. That’s underrated, right? Driving each other crazy in an actual crazy way? If love doesn’t drive you crazy, then by God, what the heck will drive you crazy?

Have you ever even felt a piece of love? If I’ve ever felt anything similar to what my parents show, it drives you mad. You can’t help but hate the person, but you also know that the only thing you want to do is take care of this person and make sure they’re good. It doesn’t matter what’s in it for you, you just want to see them do well. You want to see them succeed, and you want to see them win. You want the best for them at the end of the day. I don’t believe you’d be happy to see someone else be the person to make them happy, I think that you’d want to be that person so bad, that you’d do whatever it takes to be that person to make them happy at the end of the day.

So yeah, love to me is like a tattoo. A tattoo that you like every now and then, and think to yourself, “Was this really worth it?” And then you say, “Hell yeah, and I’d do it all over again too.” Ink is permanent, and the name of the game is finding the ink you’d never want to get rid of, no matter how much it hurt to start off or look at on some days.

I was told I’d be successful by now.

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