This Is Why You Might Be Better Off As ‘Just Friends’


Have you ever met someone who you felt was just your missing piece, and even though you tried so hard there was just no way you could make it work romantically? Those people show up at least once in a lifetime. The Robin Scherbatsky to your Ted Mosby, or for those that know, the Rachel Green to your Ross Geller.

It is absolutely the most frustrating feeling ever, right? You get along so well, you wish that any one of your romantic relationships was ever this easy, yet she just does not see in you what you see in her. THAT’S FINE.

As a guy I think we are always so quick to complain when we can’t get out of the friend zone.

Where did this idea come from that girls were obligated to date any guy that was her friend? Since when was it appropriate to just be nice to a girl because you want something. Let’s just remember that we should not expect something just for being nice.

As an older brother, I start to see these things develop over the years. My sister will come home from school and tell me about her issues, and there always seemed to be that ONE guy that tried to help her with everything and try and support her. That is the one guy I would always tell her to look out for. It must be some sort of sixth sense in me, but I was normally right about those “guy friends.”

You see, my point is, if you truly care about someone and want to be their friend, you won’t be nice one day just to one day hold her hand. You will not buy her candy to get a thank you kiss. You do these things just because you like the feeling it gives you to see your friend happy. That whole idea that guys and girls can’t be friends is absolutely a myth, sometimes we just have selfish motives and if that’s ever the case, it may as well be better off leaving it before anything begins.

There is no point to keep dragging things along if your intentions are anything bigger.

Don’t misunderstand the fact that you may end up being the perfect pair, however, don’t be disappointed if you’re really not. Sometimes a soul mate doesn’t exactly equate to you being in a romantic relationship. Oftentimes you just click and you motivate each other to do something bigger and better with life overall.

You meet everyone for either a lesson or a blessing. Be the blessing for everyone you come in contact with, especially that special someone. They may not be the perfect person for you, but they may just lead you to them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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