You Should Fall In And Out Of Love

Fall in love with someone who is entirely wrong for you.

Briefly enjoy the aching drama of it all.

Become disillusioned.

Grow weary of the battle.

Find relief at its ending.

Vow tearfully, through mouthfuls of pizza, to never fall in love again.

Fall in love the very next week, beneath the burned out lights of a smoky bar, because you’re drunk and he has an accent that turns vowels into promises.

Fall out of love approximately 20 minutes later.

Vow, with tequila still burning at the back of your throat, to never fall in love again.

Fall in love again.




Invest too much in people without expecting dividends, without expecting reward, because you don’t care about anything but the feeling in your stomach when you hear the joyful bark of their laugh. Accept the inevitability of pain. Know that to suffer is the only way to fully comprehend the breadth of your own heart. Let yourself be both dazzled and terrified by its enormity. Give it away. Give away your heart without fear, without stubbornness, without pride.

Give everything of yourself, freely and without regret, because love is not the loss of yourself to another but the amplification, the multiplication, of all that is good and beautiful.

Give it all away, give yourself entirely to the mad, lovely chaos of it all; and when it comes, embrace the pain and fall in love again.

Fall in love with everything.

Fall in love with the world.

Fall in love with the brightness of the stars outside of city lights. Fall in love with the view from skyscraper balconies. Fall in love with the tacky bubblegum sweetness of midday movies. Fall in love with the warmth of the sun that dapples your skin through the shadows of trees.

Fall in love with yourself. 

Fall in love with your own naïve and naked vulnerability. Embrace the perfection of your imperfections. Stop living your life as an act of contrition for everything that you are and start understanding the scope of your own brilliant, blinding light.

Realize that in a society without taboo, the only rebellion left to us is love.

Rebel. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Louise Docker

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