Pros And Cons Of Living With A Mom

Without exaggeration or hyperbole, I can safely say that this has been the absolute worst year of my life. Most people go through a rough stretch. The age of 27 seems like it’s usually a bad one for a lot of people. You’re old enough to where you should be “respectable” and yet you’re young enough to where you say “fuck that.”
If you haven’t graduated from college or have that nice Monday-through-Friday life, being 27 can be a tough time. I’m not making a lot of money, all of my friends are going on to bigger and better things, I’m left with a “Group B” set of friends who are either older or younger than me.
I’m leaving out one important part of my life. It gets so much better. I just moved back in with my mom.
There is a silver lining to all of this. I have not given up on life and am crawling back to my mother. If that were the case, I would find a sturdy spot to tie my noose. Living with my mother is a short-term situation with long-term implications. The next couple months will suck, but the plan is for things to be good after that.
With that in mind, here are some pros and cons that I’ve discovered from living with my mom.

Pro: Free food … I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into the house to my mom saying, “We’re having chicken, what vegetable do you want?” or receiving a text saying “At Subway. What do you want?”

Con: Wake-up calls … I occasionally like to stay up all night and sleep all day. Living alone, you can do that. It’s hard when your mom comes into your room at 3 p.m. asking if you’re going to wake up anytime soon. I guess that could be a pro if you didn’t want to sleep all day.

Pro: Laundry service … Usually when a lady says to you, “Take those pants off,” it leads to a good time. When your mom says it to you, it can be a little awkward… unless she’s doing laundry and you’ve been wearing said pants for three days.

Con: Unsolicited hair advice … I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been told to shave my beard. “You look so much better without it,” she says. Or how many times she has told me, “Try that conditioner in the shower. It’ll really help control that frizz. You might just need to go get a trim.”

Pro: Saving money … The good thing about my mom is that she’s not charging me hundreds of dollars a month to live there, which my landlord had been doing. That’s all part of the plan. Living with her is part of a concerted effort to save money. And it looks like it will be working.

Con: No privacy … One time when I was 21, I was at my mom’s house for a weekend from college. I didn’t expect her back until the next day. I had a lady friend over. My mom unlocked the door and probably noticed all the lights were out and a girl’s purse and shoes in the living room. She nervously called out, “Do you have a friend over?” I couldn’t imagine the awkwardness of that happening at 27.

And that’s life with my mom. If I find any more pros and cons, I’ll let you guys know later. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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