6 Things To Remember When You’re Gay

I’m gay and I know it. Living without coming out from the closet is like telling your parents “I’m gonna graduate on time!” then getting hit by a bus. I know how hard it is to just say you’re not straight. Being gay is not just something to tell about; it’s a gift you have that the world must see.

1. The first thing on the list: showing instead of telling. Why bother telling people? Straight people don’t go around telling people they’re straight. Just make a commitment to not lie about it if somebody asks. You don’t have to storm out of the closet, trumpets blaring to everyone you know. I see no reason to call your mom or friends and say “I’m gay.” It will come up eventually, just wait for it to happen naturally.

2. The next step is to never give a damn on what people may think or say. What is important is that you are true to yourself and considerate of others. And that doesn’t mean you need to cater to their sensibilities. When it comes to your parents, prove that you can still be that ideal son even if you’re gay.

3. Always identify yourself. Showing the world that you’re gay is not like choosing which comfort room to use- the men’s or women’s. Make a stand and prove your own identity. Plus, we can be a guy or a girl whenever we want to and of course, we can also act them at the same time.

4. Another significant thing is to never deny that you’re gay. For the love of god, denying is like lying. A big no-no. It’s as if you’re denying the whole gay community. Birds with the same rainbow feathers are the same birds. You should be thrilled to belong to a rather extraordinary group of people. Anybody would kill to be in your position.

5. Importantly, gay man should never break a woman’s heart. Yes, I admit that women are the best solution to show that you’re straight. But you should never ever take advantage. Flirting with a woman, really? You disgust me sister.

6. Lastly, appreciate what you have. Wake up and admit that you’re a creature with a penis and not somebody with boobs. Don’t be so hard up being somebody else to get what you want. Be creative with the resources that you have instead, if you know what I mean.

So there you go. I was once trapped in that same closet and faced the same pressure. But to tell you, it’s better out here. Just step one foot forward then the hips and head-snaps will follow eventually. Let’s be gay and show the world together. Let’s give not just a bitch slap but a hard crotch kick to A-holes who think that gay is not okay. We call it gay power. Cheers, sister. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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