Rejection Sucks, But It Isn’t An Excuse To Be A Jerk


I’ve dealt with rejection quite poorly in the past. I know I’m not the only one. You know you should just let it go and move on but it’s hard. When you exert so much energy into somebody and they brush you off or don’t give you anything back it honestly sucks. But looking around I’m starting to notice that guys particularly are handling rejection in an incredibly immature manner. It’s like they think there is this unwritten rule where if they buy a girl a drink, text her enough, and hang out a few times they owe them something; whether it’s a relationship or just a hook up.

There was this girl I met once. She was fantastic—she was beautiful, smart, a really good dancer and had a booty like Beyonce. I liked it so I swooped in to assure I put a ring on it (haha.) Little did I know that one of my good friends had already made a move and by the time I thought I was getting somewhere with her they had all but sealed the deal. When I found out about it I was fuming. How could I be betrayed by them both? The girl I liked and one of my best mates!? I thought going on one date and having feelings for somebody stamped my claim on them and that we would fall in love and have a big fairy-tale happily ever after life together.

I handled the whole situation poorly. She saw me as a friend and for some reason thought I was a nice guy. I could have had a really beautiful and fulfilling friendship with her. But I didn’t. Instead I cold-shouldered her and my friend, choosing to brood and hate them both instead of keeping my head high and carrying on. I let bitterness consume me for a while after that, blaming them for the unhappiness and emptiness I was feeling. Not once did it cross my mind that perhaps I was the problem. A pride that becomes defensive and vicious when rejected—I see it so much in action. When I head into town where I live on a Saturday night I see so many guys buying girls a drink and getting stroppy when they refuse to go home with them. They get irritated with the girls and then have this “screw that slut attitude” around their mates to protect their egos. It’s like so many men in this generation never grew up past the age of about 10.

What guys need to realize is that it is perfectly okay to be upset when things don’t work out the way they hoped with someone. What isn’t okay is sulking, and taking it out on the person. It’s such an un-classy and disrespectful way to deal with it. We’ve all been on the giving and receiving ends of these situations. We are on a receiving end we have to think to when we dished it out—it was probably for good reason. Perhaps a lack of chemistry, no physical attraction, or they were just awful human beings. We aren’t perfect and unfortunately not everyone is compatible, the sooner guys realize these two things the better I think. The macho attitude of women owing us something if you give them something—whether it is your time or paying for a meal—needs to come to an end. If you do want something with that sort of dynamic I suggest you contact your nearest escort service. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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