The Break Up

Opening Thoughts

It wasn’t easy to cut off communication completely. It was, actually, rather difficult. But in order to end this relationship entirely, it seemed the only way. But why the end the relationship, you ask? That is a fair question; you deserve an honest answer. I myself would want the same after a two-year relationship. After much needed time and space, I have attempted to explain the depth of the relationship through this visual presentation. Confusion has forced me to use logic, a tool normally absent from our verbal discussions.

Cross-Culture Conflicts

Relationships that transcend cultures are always difficult. You are a young Japanese woman and I am a young American man. Here are some general conflicts between these two cultures.

Japan’s differences

  • Lack of patience for American laziness
  • Lack of respect for ‘American intelligence’
  • Lack of tolerance for American hygiene
  • Lack of appreciation for American ‘goodness.’

America’s differences

  • Unwillingness to understand other cultures
  • Unwillingness to sacrifice individuality
  • Inability to understand strong accents
  • Lack of global perspective

I have always felt that our love would overpower any cultural differences that might have arisen in our relationship. They seem such trivial obstacles in the pursuit of loving and respecting another human being. Perhaps the love itself was under question. For so much time I thought I had found the ultimate teammate. Now I realize I had found the ultimate competitor.

Relationship Progression

More important than traumatic events that have shaped our relationship are the patterns of progression. I have separated these patterns into 3 categories; Love, Compatibility, and the most important of all, Sex. You will notice a similar rate of decline in all three categories. Overall, these graphs suggest an unpromising future.


Love Graph

Compatibility Graph

Sex Graph

Your personality type: Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful
  • Smart
  • Wonderful Family
  • Great cook
  • Soft skin
  • Great Hairstylist
  • Good fashion sense
  • Cultured


  • Emotionally unstable
  • Excessive shopper
  • Frequently controlling
  • Frequently stubborn
  • Frequently arrogant
  • Lacking self-love
  • Insecure of weight (even though abnormally skinny)
  • Frequent liar

Tips for the Future

You are beautiful. Don’t let your good looks be the root of your insecurity. Try to depend on yourself more than others. Most importantly, love yourself. When you don’t, it makes it much harder to love another person. I am confident you will find someone who is a better fit for you than me. Before that can happen, however, you must first solve some issues for yourself.

Closing Statement

I always stand behind my decisions. I made the decision to begin this relationship and to continue as long as possible. To our misfortune, it was no longer possible to continue. I have no regrets. I have experienced a profound education that most young men do not have the pleasure of learning. You were capable of making me who I am today. You were also capable of destroying every ounce of life within me. Only you could do that; for this I commend you.

After much needed time and space, I feel we can resume contact with each other. I am optimistic that we can remain friends as well.

Farewell and best of luck,

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