A Modern Day Explanation Of Time And The Human Experience

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flickr – typefiend

Time. It heals all wounds, and yet we kill it every single day.

I think what makes Time an abstract and complex aspect of the human experience is its importance. Time is crucial for a functioning society to exist, but it’s really nothing more than a measurement. Its just a manmade creation that places seconds into hours, hours into days, and days into years: or that’s what most people think, at least.

You see, I view time much differently: I see moments that turn into experiences, experiences that turn into memories, and memories that turn into lifespans. To me, Time acts as a continuum; it doesn’t start or stop, rather, time pushes along, stretching deep into the unknown future with infinite resilience.

Time is simply a way to explain a chapter of your life’s very own book. You can recall certain moments from your past that stand out above the rest: like when you were unsure about what the future may hold for you, but you were also having the time of your life. Isn’t that the most important part of it all?

In this way, time can be seen as a metaphor, too. When we understand that only a certain amount of time is left in any situation, it seems as though the entire world surrounding us suddenly changes. Everything becomes so important. It is in those moments, when time can be stolen from us, that our senses become hyperaware: Faces are more distinct, moments come alive, and we seem to be able to recall every single second as if it were an eternity.

More than anything, the essence of time is beautiful. Even though time can be cut short, time is also endless. Treat each day as if you didn’t have infinite time: appreciate your loved ones, remind yourself to live in the moment, and see the best parts of every single situation. If you treat each day as if it were your last, those points of your life will be more than just a measurement: They will be a movie script: An iconic, incredible, inspiring journey. Those moments will amount to an incredibly vivid account of your life, and the impact you made within your lifetime will be evermore present. This, I believe, is how we can control time. This is how we can live forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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