An Open Love Letter


Love. It often leaves people speechless. How do you explain the feeling of love? The following is an open letter; addressed to anyone you wish to share your love with. These words have been etched from the deepest part of me. I hope they help describe the way you’re feeling.

You are my happiness. You are my bluebird in the spring; you give my soul a song to sing. Your laughter is more than infectious. It’s inescapable. Even the very thought of you makes me smile. I find myself laughing aloud as I replay your most loveable moments again and again in my mind. I asked myself today, ‘what was life like before you?’ I can’t even remember. It’s no longer important to me.

You are my love. I know this because of the beauty I see in you. If I awake next to you, I’d rather stare into your eyes than watch the morning sun rise. When I hold you, a deep relief comes over me; I am finally home.

You are my reason. I only want to live up to the future I have found in your eyes. In my world, you hold the throne. I give you all of me. You mean more to me than anyone I ever loved at all.

In your darkest moments, I will always be a light. All I could possibly do is love you no matter the circumstances. All I could possibly do is pray for your smile to return. All I could ever do is love you.

I feel you inside of my body, giving me guidance…fluttering my heart.

Follow each moment life creates for you. I will always be yours. I will always follow.

You are my eternal muse. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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