5 Ways To Discover Your Life’s Meaning


Whether you believe in a God, a few Gods, or no Gods at all, there is one beautiful thing about life that I hope you agree with: every person on Earth serves a purpose. I believe that to be true. I believe that every soul on this planet embodied in a human being has a meaning to its existence.

Sadly, I also believe that the majority of people get stuck in lives they don’t want to be living, working jobs they don’t want to be working, regretting choices they never made and opportunities they never took. It seems that humans get so caught up in the daily doses of pressure, stress, and fear that they forget to look for their deeper purposes in life. But, it is so important to remember to find your meaning. It is so important to contribute something to this world for when you leave. Remember these steps throughout your days in order to find your purpose and be true to your deepest desires.

1. Stop comparing your life to anyone else’s.

We view only the most beautiful glimpses into people’s lives through social media each day. Our worlds are shaped by people telling us exactly what they want us to see, and we fail to remember that it is human nature to protect ourselves from revealing our flaws. We all hide the nitty-gritty of our lives, and reflect the best possible moments of our days through colorful pictures, carefully written statuses and upbeat tweets.

Meanwhile, the reality of the situation is that every single person you know has issues. Everyone is flawed. We then get so caught up comparing our own choices and actions to the lives of others, that we forget to reflect from within, and see if we are truly satisfied with our own life choices. When deciding what it is that makes you happy, do not think about anybody but yourself. Don’t worry about what everyone else who went to high school with you is doing. Never compare how much money you make compared to someone else. Focus on your own happiness. Focus on your own life, and soon it will be better than any of those who surround you because it is ultimately yours, and that is all it should ever be.

2. Don’t worry so much.

People spend much more time then they need to worrying about things they won’t even remember in a year’s time. It’s unfortunate that we live in a world that is limiting to our full potential due to the daily doses of stress, responsibility, and drama. But, there are ways to avoid letting this alter your mindset and mood. Spend less time stressing, and more time stretching. Take deep breaths when you are going through a difficult time. Reflect on all possible choices you can make in tough situations without the interruption of other people.

Worry less about making more and more money (If you love what you do, this will come naturally). Understand that events in life occur in processes, and difficult times will happen, but they will ultimately end as well. Know that, sometimes, things are just completely out of your control. Don’t feel the constant need to make sure everything will fall perfectly into place in your life. Let events, changes, and new experiences shape you without being preoccupied about the future. It will all work out fine; I promise.

3. Try something new.

Eat a new dish at your favorite restaurant. Buy the jacket you secretly wanted more than anything in the world but were afraid you couldn’t pull it off. You can. Go out into the world and try something you’ve never done before. Yoga. Rock climbing. Improv classes. Google how to thank the barista who speaks a different language at your local coffee shop. These small, new choices you take in your life will not only shape your perspective of life and its different meanings around you, but will help you discover new interests and passions.

4. Fall in love.

Love will change your life. It will change the way you see the world. Love will make you crazy. Love will make you see the beauty in the night sky and the calm in the early mornings. Love will motivate you to find genuine happiness. If you hold onto love – and work to make it grow – you will see that other areas of your life will improve with it. Also, don’t think that falling in love is only possible with another person. You can fall in love with dancing, cooking, helping your fellow man…love is limitless, and has no boundaries. Use it to aid you in finding your purpose as well as your happiness in life.

5. Constantly reinvent yourself.

George Bernard Shaw once wrote “Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” Humans are not born on a track. We aren’t just given paths to live and lives to exist in whether we like it or not. In the end, the only person who is responsible for limiting your potential, your happiness, and your goals is you. If there is any aspect of your life you are not happy with, you need to take the steps in order to change it rather than sitting idly and complaining. Never feel tied down to something in your life that is not bringing you joy and satisfaction. This will limit you from focusing on your life’s deeper meaning. Take a risk.

Start looking for new career opportunities. Search new cities online and check apartment rates. Feel the blood pump faster in your veins, and go with that impulse. Be bold. Tackle new obstacles, and don’t ever think you are incapable of anything. If you are able to imagine something, you are able to accomplish it. Know that, and the battle is already won. Do everything and anything in this world you can possibly think of, and you will soon realize that finding your life’s purpose is simple: all you need to do is create it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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