5 Reasons To Never Carry The Hate You May Witness From Others

It feels like such a silly article to write and read. Being told that we shouldn’t carry hate with us is incredibly silly if you think about it. But the world doesn’t appear to be heading in a direction of acceptance. There is so much the world doesn’t accept because of their short-sighted or misguided views. That can come from their own household, their friends, and peer pressure from just about anywhere. So, here we are. We can’t change others, but we can change how we respond and behave to any hateful or spiteful comments or actions.

1. We accept their illness. Whenever anyone dishes out hateful thoughts or behaviors towards others without any guilt, that’s an illness. There is something wrong with that person and they either refuse to acknowledge it or proudly accept it. I’d love to say that the world is strong enough to oversee these hateful tactics others give, but that would be a lie. Not only because of the state of politics but also because some people are young enough not to know any better. Having a hateful mindset is taught and learned. Hatred is what proves if someone is a broken man or woman.

2. We end up hurting others as well as ourselves. The venom we carry can poison anyone. The last thing we need is something that divides us even more. Life gives us a lot of pain from the start. We all have our own personal demons we have to overcome in our lives. We can be dealt a bad hand when it comes to who we grow up with. Not every family is perfect, and unfortunately, not every family is whole. If we spread any hatred towards others, what does that do for them? It just causes more pain to someone who probably didn’t deserve it. This world has too many people that hurt others. What this world needs is more people who can be kind to others without reason.

3. You’d be hurting your loved ones in the process. The people who love you don’t want to see you hurt. What would hurt them more is seeing you project your own pain onto others. In many families and relationships, all they really have is themselves. Which isn’t bad. The strongest relationships last because of this. Turning your own inner turmoil into someone else’s problem is also what weakens relationships. Before you say anything hateful, you should ask yourself if it’s something you would want your loved ones to hear you say or do.

4. It will affect how people see you. Should we care about how people see us? I guess that’s up to you. But having a negative attitude and poor people skills isn’t going to help your image. One negative opinion towards you is simply an opinion. Multiple negative opinions towards you is a reputation. If you’re seen as someone who carries around hate with them, then no one will want to approach you. People will go out of their way to avoid you. The last thing people need is negative content. What you think and how you feel will determine how people will approach you and if they even approach you.

5. We’re strong enough to stand above hate. We are all smart enough to release any hateful thoughts that don’t negatively affect others. We are all smart enough to understand that hurting others doesn’t end the cycle. We are all smart enough to know that other’s feelings of hate are what divide us. The last thing we should be doing is absorbing the venom that others display to the world. We are so much stronger than the toxins negative people release. We always will be. We will all have bad moments in our lives where we want to erupt like a volcano. But we underestimate the magnitude our words and actions have. Nothing has ever been solved with hate. The strength we carry is enough to overcome hate. If you don’t know that know, I hope you find that out soon. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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