This Is Why You Should Show Your Weaknesses Early On In Your Relationship

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There are times in life where everything is a smokescreen. We are all blinded by the fog and we don’t know what’s around us. From an outsider’s perspective, we find out what’s left when the smoke clears. But for insiders, everything actually clears up when we are in the smokescreen. We find out who is trying to search for us. We find out how committed people are to finding us when they find a way out of the smokescreen. Some people will find a clear path and walk down it and leave you behind in the smoke. Others will find a clear path and go back to find you.

We always find out who’s committed to us during the most chaotic times of our lives. It’s easy to stay in someone’s life when there is no drama or tension. The challenge is finding out who is willing to stand by you during the difficult times.

Staying committed to anything in life is so much harder than we give it credit for. Everyone has doubts about if they want to stay committed to jobs, relationships, and even their own health at times. There are many emotions we feel when we are questioning our commitments. We feel trapped because we question if we’re in too deep and have spent too much time and energy in a relationship. We feel confused because we start questioning why we are pondering a relationship. We feel uncertain if our partner also feels the same way or has days where they’re is also questioning the relationship. We feel angry because something we once felt so passionate about is now something we are questioning. We also feel depressed because the reality is that no matter how smooth things are going, it can all fall apart at any moment.

No one is immune to heartbreak. No one can play a character and stay in character the entire time. We all have to accept the fact that things will get hard and our least desirable personality traits will leak out at some point. If we show our true forms early on in any relationship, it will be much appreciated by your partner, even if that is where things end. If we just hide certain feelings or emotions, we’re just delaying the inevitable. People want to be loved. People want to be appreciated. People want to be in a relationship that can last a lifetime. The right person will accept your flaws early in a relationship.

There are going to be difficult times where we have to fight through smokescreens together and find each other. There are going to be moments where we question our commitment to each other. There are going to be times where it’s going to be a little hard to put up with each other. It’s not about being a perfect match. It’s about staying together when there are so many obstacles that could’ve easily separated you from each other. It’s okay to show personal struggles early in relationships. It’s up to the other person if they want to stay with you. Not everyone will. The ones that do are the ones that will always try to see the real you even through all the smoke and mirrors. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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