Stop Trying To Be Perfect

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This world is filled with competition.

We all try to make ourselves stand out from the crowd. To impress people who we feel may affect our future if we make the right impression. Our upbringings remind us that we were not meant to be ordinary. We were meant to be extraordinary. To shine in front of everyone at every moment and let people know that we are bulletproof.

That line of thinking and mentality leads some people to be perfectionists. It’s no secret that perfectionists put a lot of pressure on themselves. This causes endless self-criticism and little feeling of satisfaction whenever a task is completed. You feel like you are behind while everyone else is miles ahead of you. It gives you a false perception that successful and happy people don’t make mistakes. The reality is that they don’t dwell on their mistakes.

We all make mistakes. That’s an obvious fact of life. Perfectionists tend to highlight their mistakes more because they want to excel at everything they’re passionate about. The perfectionist mentality makes it easier to lose sight of the passion because you may be being too hard on yourself. Which is a little heartbreaking. When we lose something we care about because we are getting in our own way. Constantly over-analyzing little mistakes that others don’t think too much of. Going in too deep on ourselves that we lose sight of what’s really important. What we love is important, not how we love it.

Being perfect is impossible for anyone. No one is perfect. You understand and realize people’s flaw the more you know them. The child in me thought my parents were perfect. Years later it became very clear that they are not perfect. If you google the perfect person, you can find something wrong with each person who pops up. No man or woman is the visual definition of perfection.

Don’t be perfect. The added stress, anxiety, lack of self-care, and depressive episodes that come with it are not worth it. If you were perfect and you attracted anyone you want, that only means that almost all those people would leave when they witness a hint of imperfection. It’s good that no one is perfect. It challenges people to see your flaws and not allow those flaws to define who you are. The people who accept you even though you are far from perfect are the ones that will make you feel good about not being perfect. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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