How Feminism Hurts Men


What do Joseph Gordon Levitt’s recent assertions, Emma Watson’s speech and the newly passed “Yes means Yes” law have in common? They’re all symptoms of an overly feminized and sick society.

Today’s generation of men are the most emasculated, and feminized set of men to walk the earth. Generations of boys are being raised to be more like girls and this is a direct result of the roaring success of feminism, especially in Western countries.

Women complain that men are not “manly” enough, yet they don’t realize that their sons, whom they are raising to be effeminate will find it even harder to find and court a mate. The link between diluted masculinity and attractive traits is seemingly lost on them.

Feminism has evolved from a fair, ethical movement which promoted justice,equality as well as political and economic freedom to hate driven barracuda determined to suppress every iota of masculinity in today’s society. A movement which believes that societies ills are caused by men and can be only solved by systematically demolishing masculinity.

The reason why feminism has gained so much ground in politics and in our institutions of higher learning is because of society’s view that females are more vulnerable and therefore more valuable than males.

Thus any attempt by a group of males to halt the wayward and misguided path of this movement would be immediately met with violent complaints of hate against women and sexism.

In other words, it is politically correct for women to attack men, because in society they are perceived to be of more value biologically. When you carry a child around for nine months in order to ensure the continuance of our race, society dictates that you are of value to civilization. Men, the physically dominant sex, with ample amounts of testosterone have to be mobilized to expand civilization. When women are made to seem unattainable unless through great achievement on the male’s part, men will direct their energies towards achievement, thus creating advanced technologies, building cities and conquering new worlds. Society is engineered to keep civilization advancing.

The great unwashed masses will not realize this, but the majority of feminist leaders who champion their agenda today don’t care about the necessity for masculinity in the advancement of our society for one very simple reason: they’re overwhelmingly lesbian.

Run a Google search on the top feminists in the world today. If you’re a man – honestly, how many of them do you find physically attractive? Exactly. Physically attractive women are rarely to be found actively championing the feminist cause because, well, they’re too busy doing things attractive women do.

Feminism has never had anything to do with equality and never will for three main reasons:

  1. In spite of the great strides and ground gained by the original women’s movement, feminists still believe that they of much less value than males in society despite the fact that more men die in war than women, men get longer prison sentences than women for the same crimes, on average live shorter than women among many others. Not equality.
  2. Feminists want equal rights without equal responsibility. The right to be a CEO, but not a soldier. They want women to get paid like their male counterparts, but not to die like them. Feminism will always look out for the safety of women-but not men.
  3. A movement which is by default favored by politics can NEVER be equal. Society dictates that women are more vulnerable than men. In general we tend to respond to women in trouble than to men. Hence, California passes a law that protects drunk women on campus and absolves them from responsibility for their action. Remember that “What Would You Do?” episode when a woman assaults her man in public and everyone walks by thinking “he probably had it coming”? When the roles were reversed, everyone stepped in to stop the abusive man.

Granted, there are a few women in modern feminism that understand these realities. Such women use their favored position in society to bringing to light issues such as the prevalence of male rape, and the fact that men tend to commit suicide at a greater rate than women. I applaud these women, who also tend to be the more attractive feminists.

So, for the men reading this, I’ll give you the solution.

Learn how to be attractive to women. If its your desire, choose to have sex with attractive women. Its simple – men who are good with women have sex with attractive women, because they aren’t overly interested in feminism while most unattractive women are more likely to gravitate towards feminism. An unusually physically attractive woman (in the top 10%) would only align herself with modern feminism to either promote herself (get attention/make money), or because she has serious self esteem issues (stay away). Change the belief systems that you have been indoctrinated with.

If you’re a man reading this, and going “Bullshit,” I can guarantee that you are probably not as successful with women as you’ve brainwashed yourself to believe. Stop putting women on pedestals, stop with the approval-seeking behavior. Stop using lines like “I got lucky,” or “She’s out of my league.” She isn’t – society just made you think that. Don’t be intimidated by beautiful women. You don’t have to be a woman’s friend to have sex with her. It is absolutely ludicrous to call yourself a “male feminist” considering the values that modern feminism espouses. You should protect women you are attracted to from harm and you should make them feel like women (this means feminine) -but don’t fight for feminism.

Is it okay to objectify women? Yes, it is – so long as you objectify women that you are naturally attracted to procreate with. If you weren’t attracted to her, you wouldn’t be objectifying her. “Objectification” of women is a mans natural instinct to breed with women whom he feels are qualified biological candidates for his genes. An instinct, which ironically is why you exist to read this article. There is a reason why most feminist leaders are single, physically unattractive woman who get their panties in a twist over “objectification.”

Women, when you interfere with you son’s objectification of attractive women, you stunt his masculine ability to attract HIS ideal mate. Instead, he ends up as an emasculated nice guy, forever relegated to the friendzone, doomed to experience his idea of an attractive women through pornography and prostitutes. He’ll end up going to college in California where he’ll have to literally ask for sex and wait for a yes, which leads straight to fap land. Hopefully, fate will lead him to men like me, who can fix his broken masculinity.

Feminism is in a nutshell, a movement to propagate and strengthen the societal status quo that women are more valuable than men, so that men can continue to risk their lives to protect women. A concept that has existed since the dawn of civilization. There’s nothing new under the sun.

Women gravitate towards a man who believes in his value as a man. A man who acknowledges his masculinity, and treats a woman as if they are equal only because she believes him to be equal to her as well. My advice for men is that before you ever go on a date or have sex with a woman, screen her for feminism. If she harbors modern feminist notions, don’t even bother. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

This post originally appeared at Quit Porn, Get Girls.

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