5 Reasons Men Should Never Take Dating Advice From Women


If there is one thing I know with absolute certainty in my life today, it’s the fact that if I listened and took to heart my mothers advice on how to attract women, I’d still be a virgin, watching porn on a daily basis and most definitely lacking in self-esteem.

I remember, back in the day when I was absolutely unsuccessful with women – for some reason I felt that women would obviously be the best source of advice when it came to being successful with them. After all, all the guys I was hanging out with were clueless, and women obviously spent a lot of time dissecting each and every move a guy made on them. How wrong I was!

You may still be soliciting advice from women about themselves, but — in my experience — women are the least qualified to give advice on their sex. Attraction, seduction and dating advice from women will not only severely limit your dating options, but will leave your clueless and frustrated.

Most women are quite comfortable dispensing advice on attracting and seducing other women because they feel, that by virtue of their sex, they are experts on this topic. Nevermind the fact that not one of them has ever been shot down in the bar while approaching another woman, ignored on the street while trying to engage in conversation with an attractive woman, or has any idea what it’s like to penetrate another woman with a penis.

Here are 5 reasons why you should never take advice about women from women:

1. She’s under a lot of social pressure

Women are always wary of being labeled as a “slut,” judged by others, or put under any kind of social pressure regarding their sexuality. Therefore, they have no choice but to distort the truth when it comes to issues like this. Women love sex and have an even greater potential than men for enjoying sex. I’ll go as far as to state that women think about sex as much as men. Studies be damned. Understanding this fact and the social pressure women face is the number one reason why men should never take advice on dating and attraction from other women. You simply won’t get the truth.

2. She is Oblivious to a man’s attraction “system”

The majority of women have no idea how the last man that attracted them did it, or have any clue if it can be duplicated. If you walk into a store and after an enthusiastic sales pitch from the saleswoman, walk out with $900 worth of merchandise, chances are – if the salesperson was any good, they closed you with a canned pitch that they had repeated numerous times. You probably couldn’t describe the process accurately, much less in a way that could be duplicated.

Just as the process you describe will be from your own perspective as a customer, the process a woman will describe to a man soliciting her advice on attraction will be from her own perspective as well. Given the fact that very few men have a consistent, successful approach to attracting women, it’s highly unlikely that duplicating a skewed perspective of a seduction process would work in any mans favor.

3. She is unconscious to seduction

The process whereby a woman get turned on is unconscious and subtle – and so are the list of qualities they look or in a man. The cocktail of personality traits and behaviors in a man that arouse a woman are quite difficult to describe, even for women who are absolutely aware of them. Almost every woman will quite confidently and self-assuredly throw out a list of arbitrary qualities – the most common being a “guy who makes them laugh,” “nice,” “loyal,” ”tall,” “a gentleman,” “treats me like a princess,” and so on. Interestingly, the men she ends up dating usually turn out to be lacking in most of these qualities. Hence the eternal lament of the Nice Guy – “Why do women always fall for bad boys?”

4. Women are experts at being women

Women are not experts attracting women. They are experts at being women. As a result, the advice they tend to give to men is the same that they would dispense to their single girlfriends. “Just wait”, “the right guy/girl is out there for you”, “it will happen when the time is right”. The only problem with this advice is that it only works for women. Men approach women-not the other way around. If a man “waited for the right one”, or sat around hoping that something would “just happen”, he’d be in or a long and fruitless time.

5. Her imagination differs greatly from real life

I remember a woman I recently hooked up with asking me how I would approach a woman in a bar if I found her physically attractive enough to take home. I told her, and as expected she scoffed, declaring, “Ugh, I’d never fall for a line like that.”  Of course, it was the very same line I had opened her with when we first met at a bar, a week earlier. If I confronted her, she would have completely denied it, or worse case scenario – remembered, and consequently felt “easy.” Not good. Seeing that we were laying naked and disheveled in bed, the best comeback was to ignore her denial and launch another vigorous round of sex.

The way a woman imagines she will react to a mans approach is absolutely different from how they would react in real life. Remember that.

Women don’t mean to lead mean astray with their advice. They’ve been socialized that way. It is a mans responsibility to seek out legitimate, tested and accurate sources of advice. This will always come from men who are successful with women. Spend your time associating with men who are winners with women, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your dating goals. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

This post originally appeared at Quit Porn Get Girls.

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