10 Reasons You Don’t Get Laid

1. You lack confidence

Deep down, you don’t believe you were meant to have sex with women you find attractive. You don’t think you have any qualities that would attract women. You’re in a bookstore and an attractive woman makes eye contact with you. Instead of smiling back, you quickly look away worrying that you’ll offend her by staring or that you’ll creep her out. You’ve been rejected a few times and you’d much rather spend your time on PlentyOfFish or OKcupid looking for love because you’re deathly afraid of another woman shooting you down and breaking your fragile ego.

2. You neglect your looks and hygiene

Every man has the ability to improve his looks. Whether its getting a haircut that suits your face, getting rid of your acne, whitening your teeth or wearing deodorant and showering regularly. It’s astounding the number of men who don’t give a damn about how they look. Women have a highly developed sense of smell and no matter how tight your game is, if you stink you are not getting laid. If your breath reeks, you’re not getting any. Genital hygiene is important too. Trim your pubes, put some baby powder down there if you’ve had a long day and might be getting laid.

3. You neglect your physical fitness

You don’t go to the gym and as a result, you either look unhealthy or aesthetically displeasing to a woman’s eye. Working out makes you feel better, and having a bit of muscle on you as well as a six pack can only add points to your looks. I’m a firm believer in working out and looking physically good. There are women who will be turned on just by your aesthetic appearance.

4. You don’t know what attracts women (and you don’t care)

You think men who get laid have great jobs, money, fancy cars and good looks. You have no idea how to build attraction with a woman and move an interaction from the moment you meet her to sex. No attempt is made on your part to study what attracts women and as a result, you’re perpetually on the sidelines doing staring at women or at your masturbation station doing what you do best.

5. You’re a “Gentleman”

By “Gentleman”, I mean you’re a pussy. You believe you should be friends with a woman first, then only you have a chance at sleeping with her. You hypocritically hang out with multiple girlfriends, have feelings for them,but remain in the friendzone. You take women on dinner dates and movie dates – and you pay for it. The truth is, dinner dates rarely lead to sex and a date involving two people looking at a screen will definitely not lead to sex.

6. You are needy

You meet a woman, get attracted to her and go into “boyfriend” mode too quickly. You text her too often, call her too often and try to get her on dates too often, which usually ends with you scaring the girl off. Women can smell your desperateness for miles.

7. You are a social cripple

Nobody gets your jokes, or you constantly make inappropriate jokes at inappropriate times. Your body language is off and people consistently avoid you. You can’t keep friends or you have no friends. Most women are social creatures and having zero social skills will barely get you a conversation with an attractive woman, much less sex.

8. You don’t expand your dating territory

You only date women at work, school or in your social circle. You rarely or never approach women in public places such as malls, bookstores or bars. As a result you’re frustrated because you don’t have a large pool of women to select from. You stay in your comfort zone which is a small pond and never bother to venture out into the ocean which is full of hungry fish. Speaking of comfort zone…

9. You’re lazy

You’re just too lazy to workout,improve your lifestyle,learn how to attract women or make friends. I’ve met lots of apathetic guys who for whatever reason just don’t care much for an kind of self improvement. They would love to get laid and constantly wonder why they don’t. Of course, they spend a great deal of their time on porn.

10. You watch too much porn

You drool over beautiful naked and half naked women and inundate your mind with gigabytes of porn for hours. Constantly fantasizing about women leads you either placing them on a pedestal or treating them like crap. Porn leads to unrealistic views of sex, women and yourself. Why would you bother cleaning yourself up, go to a gym or learn to attract women if you can, for free, fantasize about any kind of woman you want for as long as you want with the mere click of a mouse? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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