There’s No Prince Charming In This Story

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There’s no prince charming in this story.

No rescue boats are on the way, and nobody is coming to save you.

You can choose to keep waiting, hoping, wishing for a different outcome but it isn’t going to just happen.

Despite what your friends and family may say, despite the fairy tale endings you may have heard of, this isn’t one. Things won’t get better just because you wish they would or because you were told things would get better.

There’s no benefit to waiting to get picked because nothing is going to pick you. You can wait for days, weeks, months, or years but nothing changes without you changing it.

No one is coming to save you. The rescue boat isn’t on its way — you’re on your own on this, and you have to start swimming. This is on you.

It isn’t fair, I agree. None of this is far. Be angry, be sad, be emotional about it all, but then remember you have to pick yourself.

You have to save yourself.

That’s what I’ve learned. From multiple suicide attempts and years of depression and anger management, you have to save yourself.

My mom sent help, but it didn’t make it to me. Many others have tried to save me too, but it didn’t matter, because I wasn’t willing to pick myself up.

This isn’t me saying I am angry that no one came to save me, this is me telling you that you have to save yourself. This is me begging you to save yourself, to realize that nobody is coming, nobody is going to pick you.



Because nobody is coming, the rescue boats aren’t on the way, and your prince charming isn’t going to come.

There is no happy ending that is waiting for you at the end; the only happy ending is the one you make.

It seems so simple. It even seems stupid, I know, but it’s true.

Your dream guy isn’t going to just call you, the girl you have a crush on isn’t going to come up to you first, the job you want won’t just land in your lap — GO GET IT.

Stop waiting for your prince charming, for your rescue boat, for somebody to come — because they aren’t. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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